(10 way) How to Boil Water While Camping?

How to Boil Water While Camping?

You had not carried water since you knew that you would find a clean water source in the camping ground. But can you drink that water without boiling? You wouldn’t dare since taking such water; you risk ingesting bacteria and other microorganisms. You may end up getting waterborne diseases and go home before enjoying the adventure.

Besides boiling water for drinking, you could consider boiling some to shower, cook, or thaw frozen food or even make coffee. Whatever your reason, you require a faster, safer, and efficient way to boil the water. Among various methods that are in existence, check the fastest way to boil water camping below. These ways include-

1. Portable Stove

When packing your camping gear, a portable stove should be on top of your list. Since you will use it for cooking, also carry a small pot and a lighter. If you want to drink hot water, or even take a hot bath, boil the water with the portable stove. Increase the speed by adjusting the temperature of your stove.

2. Jet Boil

You had listed many activities that you want to undertake when camping. There is no more time wastage waiting for water to boil. Get a Jet boil to boil the water within a few minutes. Its super-hot flame thanks to special oil it uses to boil water within a short time. You can prepare tea for the family in a faster way.

3. Car Kettle

Suppose your car is near the camping ground, no need to worry about hot water. Grab the car kettle, fill it with water, and make your coffee. The use of a car kettle is not limited to camping only. When undertaking your daily activities, you can park the car, fill the kettle with water, and connect it to your car.

4. Bucket Heater

Have you gone camping with the family and have no idea how to boil water to make coffee? You need a bucket heater. If the camping ground has a power connection, then you can boil water using a bucket heater. But if it’s not connected, use a portable generator.

Using the bucket heater is easy. Start by putting water in your bucket, and then connect the power cable to the socket. Once the water boils, disconnect it. If you had gone camping alone, this method is not ideal since it’s perfect for a large family.

5. Campfire

Other than providing warmth to you, you can use a camping fire to boil water. Start by getting either a stainless bowl or a bucket. If you have no lighter to start the fire, you can use a rock instead. It’s a faster method. Unfortunately, it’s also messy. When camping, you may have all the time to light a campfire, but would you have the same time when kicking or backpacking? That means, if you are hiking, use other options.

The campfire also produces high temperatures that you may not have any control over. The chances of burning your fingers are high. Open flames can be dangerous since there is a risk of a fire outbreak in your camp. So when boiling the water, take extra caution, and wear strong gloves to avoid burning your fingers.

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6. Internal Flame Kettle

Another best way to boil water while camping is using an internal flame kettle. This technique is efficient and reliable and helps to boil water within a short time. So, what does it use to produce heat to boil the water? It uses dead organic materials.

7. Use The Sun

Among the different ways to heat water without electricity include the use of the sun. So if you have some time to spare, you can explore this method. Is it possible to boil water using the sun? It’s possible when using the solar kettle. The solar kettle uses the UV rays to boil your water. Unfortunately, this method has some weather limitations.

If you want to enjoy a warm bath, try the solar water heating bag. They are eco-friendly since you will not have to light a fire when using solar heating bags. Various companies sell solar heating bags. So when buying, ensure that the solar water heating bag is portable and easy to use. Luckily, you can use the same solar heating bag more than once. When using the water to shower, check the temperature first since the water can get too hot. It’s an ideal method if you’re not in a hurry.

8. Charcoal Grills

Does the campground have a charcoal grill? After lighting the charcoal grill and adding flavor to your food, fill water on a kettle and leave it on the charcoal grill. Within a short time, the water will boil. You can drink or even cook with it.

9. Flame Rational Heater

Do you doubt if a rational flame heater can help to boil water? Though it’s a traditional method, some rational flame heaters can help you boil water. It’s not the perfect option but if you don’t have an alternative, use it to boil. The best way to use the rational flame heater is to warm the water to warm your packed lunch.

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10. Tiny Canister Stove

If you’re a backpacker, you wouldn’t want to waste time making campfires. The next best available option is to use a tiny canister stove. It’s similar to the camping stove. The difference is size and weight. Remember, backpackers carry lightweight materials. If you decide to carry the canister stove when backpacking, bring along some fuel.


Why should you fail to drink boiled water and risk getting waterborne diseases? Many options for boiling water when camping are available, and you can choose the most convenient one. After adding flavor to your food, why don’t you leave some water on the charcoal grill? Some methods such as camping fire are not the best since you can’t manage the temperatures and require much effort. Others such as a rational flame heater is a good method only when you want some warm water.

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