[Top 10] Best 3 Person Tent Under 200$

best 3 person tent under 200

Whether you are going to be camping on a fine summer's night or in freezing wintry conditions, we have found the best 3 person tent under 200$ for your expedition.

We have included both 3 and 4-season tents that are specifically designed to meet your camping needs. With your warmth and safety paramount, we have researched to find the easiest tents to carry and set up.

Comparison Table of 10 Best 3 Person Tent Under 200

If you're a small family looking for a tent for camping trips you should consider this one, seriously.

It couldn't be any easier to set up which leaves lots of extra time to enjoy your break.

It is made from tough, waterproof polyester and has been coated with silicone for added weather resistance. The base of the tent is reinforced, enough that you won't need a separate footprint. Some users choose to use one just to keep the base of the tent clean.

The dome shape allows for 3-sleeping bags to fit comfortably inside, leaving the edges free for storage of backpacks and bags. If you prefer home comforts, there is plenty of room for a queen-size air mattress.

Best feature

Setting up the tent is usually the most frustrating part of the vacation, you can't begin to unwind until it is out of the way.

This tent removes all of those frustrations as it takes 1-minute to erect. Remove it fro the bag, lay it flat and lift the center point where all of the poles meet. Once they are fully-extended, lock them into place and the job is done. All that is then required is to secure it to the ground using the ropes and pegs supplied.

Taking the tent down takes only a minute or 2once you have mastered the art of folding it and popping it back in its carry bag.

This is a well-ventilated tent with mosquito nets at all of the windows and doors. You won't get bitten, you will still have plenty of airflow and some privacy.

The rain-fly sits atop the tent to ensure everyone and their belongings stay dry.

Inside are storage pockets and a hanging hook for a lantern.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 5-color choices
  • Strong carry case with strap
  • Doesn't need a separate footprint
  • Exceptionally fast and easy setup and takedown
  • High UV protection
  • Door stakes to make a porch
  • Hexagonal shape for added stability and wind resistance


  • No separate vestibule for storage
  • Too heavy for hiking trips
  • Not suited to 4-season camping

This is a compact, portable, and inexpensive tent that is ideal for hiking trips and brilliant for festivals.

No-one wants to spend a fortune to sleep at a festival and everyone wants to stay as dry and clean as possible. This tent fits that category well as it is made from rain-proof material and has a tough waterproof base.

It can be used on hard ground as it is a free-standing tent, the weight of any gear inside will keep it weighed down.

Best feature

Its fun to watch your friends struggle to set up their tent when you own this one. It is fully set up and ready to go in less than 5-minutes. Extend the 2-poles and clip the main body of the tent to them. Use the stakes provided to anchor the tent and then clip the rain-fly in place. That's it, job done!

We love the T-shaped door opening, it is very wide so campers don't have to climb over each other to get in and out.

The tent is very lightweight so it is ideally suited to hiking trips as it easily fits in a backpack.

Two people can comfortably fit inside and store gear, 3 maybe a little too snug and leave no room for storage, unless your third person is a child.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fast and easy setup and takedown
  • Taped seams keep everything dry
  • Mesh top for ventilation and viewing
  • A clip-on exoskeletal style tent for strength
  • A large doorway for easy access


  • Using an air mattress leaves little storage room
  • Better suited to 2-adults and 1-child

This bright orange tent is a bargain when you consider how much it has to offer.

It is durable and will last through many years of use as it is made from heavy-duty materials. Both of the poles are made from strong aluminum and the nylon tent fabric is exceptionally wind and waterproof.

It takes a matter of minutes to put this tent up and can easily be done by one person; this makes it perfect for lone hiking trips. It is lightweight and compact when packed away and could easily be strapped to a backpack without weighing it down.

Best Feature

Once the inner tent is clipped to the 2-pole system, there is a large rain-fly that reaches to the ground. This sits over the top and easily attaches using the nice long ropes. There are plenty of pegs to stakes everything down securely. This keeps all of the occupants warm and dry.

Even when in wet and rainy conditions, the meshed windows offer enough ventilation to prevent condensation forming.

The large windows keep the air flowing so if you're camping in warm conditions the temperature will be well regulated, enabling you to stay cool at night.

We love that there is a door at both ends, use 1 for an entrance and the other to exit. This means no more clambering across sleeping campers!

The base is sturdy and waterproof,  combining it with a footprint will ensure everything stays 100%, even if you were forced to set up on the wet ground.


  • Vestibule area  for storage between inner tent and fly
  • Large windows with mesh screens to keep bugs out
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Exceptionally wind and rainproof fly
  • Strong aluminum poles for durability
  • Waterproof base
  • Mesh privacy/bug screens
  • Gear storage vestibule
  • 1-person, fast and easy setup


  • No footprint supplied
  • People over 6” tall struggle to lie flat

This is a great 3-season tent that works equally well for camping in warm or wet conditions.

It is a simple setup, 2 aluminum pole design, that takes just a few minutes to build. Once the tent is laid flat on the floor, put the poles in the grommets, cross them over and there is the frame. Clip the hooks on the inner tent to the frame, and there is the basis of your tent.

When it is in this state, it consists of a mesh fabric with 2 doors and a ventilation hatch in the roof. This is perfect for a warm summer evening when you want to keep the bugs out and just lay back and look at the stars.

To turn this into a proper tent that will keep you both warm and dry, you must attach the large orange rain-fly.

It is a simple process that takes a minute. Drape it over the tent, align the doors and attach the buckles. Pull the guide ropes tight and peg them in the ground. Now you have a double-wall tent with wind and rain protection that is capable of being well-ventilated and condensation free.

Once the fly is in place you will have 2 vestibules to keep wet and dry gear separate.

Best feature

The floor of the tent is a bathtub style. This means that the waterproof material continues up the side walls ensuring a watertight seal if you're camping on wet ground.

We love the loft space in this tent, it's a safe place to store devices, flashlights, and keys where they won't get accidentally trodden on.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Footprint supplied
  • Micro-mesh inner tent for great views and keeping bugs out
  • Easy setup
  • Rain-fly buckles on quickly and reaches the floor
  • Resists high winds and heavy rain as a 2-layer tent
  • Bathtub, waterproof base
  • Gear loft and vestibule storage space


  • Heavier when compared with other hiking tents
  • The internal mesh is low enough to let winds in
  • No window when the rain-fly is on

This is a great compact and portable tent to keep you and all of your gear warm and dry in heavy rain. Although it may be a little heavy to class as a hiking tent, it is an ideal side to strap to a motorbike or throw in the trunk of a car.

This is the first tent featured in our reviews that don't use aluminum poles, instead, they're made from fiber-glass. They slip easily through sleeves of the rain-fly and lock together to form a dome. Each pole is color-coded to correspond with its matching grommet. It is virtually impossible to go wrong with setting this tent up.

This is ideal for rainy conditions as you are now sheltered as you buckle the mesh inner tent into place.

Best feature

This tent has a large vestibule area, perfect for gear storage. As it continues around both sides of the tent, it is ideal for keeping a wet, dirty kit away from your warm and dry change of clothes.

All of the fabric is breathable and well-ventilated. We love that there is a window, even when the rain-fly is on. This can be rolled up to allow great views.

There are multiple interior storage pockets and a hook to hang a lantern.

The roof hood can be detached to allow more ventilation and let fresh air flow freely.

This is a great family tent that will keep you warm and dry, even in high-winds and downpours.

There is a useful video to prove just how fast and easy it is to set up the tent.


  • Affordable
  • Large storage vestibules
  • A heavy-duty polyester rain-fly
  • High wind and rain resistance capabilities
  • Color-coded for easy setup
  • Fire retardant fly and base
  • The gap between the 2-walls ensures no condensation
  • Lockable from the inside


  • Too snug for 3-adults
  • Easier to set up with 2-people
  • Relatively heavy for backpacking

We have reviewed circular and hexagonal tents, this is different, it is a 5-sided pentagon.

It is roomy enough for 3-people providing the tallest person sleeps in the middle with a shorter person either side of them. We recommend the use of mummy sleeping bags to make the most of the sleeping area.

Made from water-resistant polyester, it is a great tent for family camping or hiking trips. It is easy to set up, particularly if there are 2 of you.

Windows are facing each other, this is ideal in hot weather as it allows the free flow of air to cool you down. The large D-shaped door has mesh for the same reason. It also adds some privacy and keeps the bugs out.

Best feature

There are a built-in mud-mat and drainage tube that keeps all of the horrible, dirty stuff on the outside, leaving you and your gear clean and dry.

The gear loft is a great place to store your valuables and there is a further pocket lower down for other kit. The added hanging pocket is a great place to put a cell phone or tablet, for hands-free viewing.

The fiber-glass frame is durable and sturdy, as is the tough, waterproof rain-fly that is strong enough to protect from rains and high winds.


  • Affordable
  • Large ground space
  • Well-ventilated to reduce condensation
  • Fiberglass frame for durability and strength
  • Multiple interior storage areas
  • Large covered vestibule for gear storage
  • Removable rain-fly for views and venting
  • Mud mat and drainage strip
  • Poles have designated sleeves


  • easier setup with 2-people
  • Not bathtub style base
  • Too cramped for 3-adults and their gear

This is an ideal starter tent for a small family as there is easily enough sleeping space for 2-adults and 2-children.

It consists of a light and airy inner tent and a durable outer cover to make it rainproof.

Once the tent is set up, throw the cover over the top and clip it down to make the tent warmer, moisture, and dust resistant. It also has high UV protection capabilities.

Best feature

This tent could barely be any easier to set up. Just lay it flat on the ground and press the automatic hydraulic spring mechanism. The tent will full assemble within 3-seconds, all you have to do is lock it into place. It couldn't be easier.

As a single layer tent, you have lots of open space, with meshed windows and 2-large doorways. The groundsheet is stitched in place enabling added water protection. The frame is made from durable fiber-glass and has lots of pegs and guide ropes to give it great stability.

Inside is a hanging hook for a flashlight and a storage pocket for valuables.

We love the ease and speed this tent offers, we think it is a perfect product to get a family interested in camping.

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  • Exceptionally fast and easy setup
  • Generous interior space
  • Well-ventilated inner tent
  • High-quality, waterproof rain-fly included
  • Dual doors for easy access and exit
  • Strong 2-way zippers, usable from inside and out
  • Affordable Ideal family tent


  • Not a 4-season tent but a good 3-season one
  • Could use more internal pockets

This is a very strong and durable 3-man tent that is suited to the harshest conditions.

It comes with a footprint to give that extra layer of warmth and dryness when it comes to setting up.

Setup is foolproof and takes a few minutes. Click the free-standing frame into position, there is only 1-way to do it. Then, when it is rigid and locked off, clip the inner tent to it. The final stage is to throw the rain-fly over and secure it by the connector buckles. You now have a 2-wall, 4-season tent.

Best feature

It is incredibly lightweight. 4.7lbs includes everything, poles, tent, rain-fly, footprint and even the bag it all comes in.

Simple to fold and return to the bag, it can be made smaller still using the compression straps.

It becomes compact enough to fit inside a rucksack or, if you prefer, you can use the bed straps and fasten it to the outside of your pack.

The gap between the 2-layers makes a vestibule and is ideal to store gear in. As there are 2, keeping wet and dry gear separated is a cinch.

The ripstop nylon that the rain-fly is made from is one of the toughest currently available and has extremely high water, wind, and sun resistance. Buy the model with the snow skirts if you think you might encounter snow, you will be grateful for the added insulation they provide.

There is plenty of ventilation which enables it to be used in 3-season situations, although in cold climates, the vents help to prevent condensation.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Large vestibule for gear storage
  • Double-layered walls with great ventilation
  • £ and 4-season camping compatible
  • 50+ UV sun protection
  • Durable rip stop fabric and sealed seams
  • Free-standing aluminum frame
  • Amazon's lightest 3-person tent


  • Better suited to just 2-adults
  • The inner tent contains a high amount of mesh

This tent is designed for year-round camping. It has all of the features of a good-quality 3-season tent, including plenty of ventilation, mosquito nets, and porch storage. It also has a tough rain-fly with high waterproof capabilities and has attached snow skirts.

One-person should easily be able to set the tent up as it is fairly self-explanatory. It needs to be, the instructions are in Chinese, luckily there are pictures to follow!

Best feature

The tent has front and rear doors with zipper mesh linings to keep the bugs out. On a clear night we love the large front opening, it can be poled out to form a porch, and the night air can be thoroughly enjoyed.

It is well ventilated inside and has an added ceiling vent to adjust the air-flow. The heat doesn't dissipate quickly, instead, it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere inside.

The strong aluminum frame adds great stability, and the rain-fly ensures everything remains dry inside. It creates 2 large vestibules when it covers the inner tent which are ideal storage areas for gear. We love when a tent has 2 separate vestibules as dry gear can be stored in 1, and wet, dirty gear in the other.


  • 20-month warranty
  • All-weather tent
  • Adjustable vents to keep air-flowing
  • High-quality waterproof materials, tent, and base
  • Double doors for easy entry and exit
  • Storage pockets and hanging hooks
  • Olive buckles for fast attachment of rain-fly
  • Easy to set up and take down, 1-person operation Brilliant value for money


  • More suited to 3-season camping
  • No footprint supplied
  • Stakes are made of soft metal

As the name suggests, this tough 3-man tent is capable of keeping occupants warm and dry is hazardous mountaineering conditions.

You are not limited to where you can pitch this tent and will survive temperatures as low as -50, blizzards, and torrential downpours.

Setup is fast; each of the poles is made from durable coated aluminum with a shockproof cord running through it. These snap over and lock in a matter of seconds enabling the inner tent to be hooked on rapidly, even in treacherous conditions.

Best feature

Everything included is ultra-weatherproof and therefore compatible with the wettest and coldest eventualities. The rugged rain-f;y has a powerful coating, as does the PolyTaffeta floor, ensuring everything and everyone stays dry.

Even the fly buckles and pole supports have an additional waterproof coating.

Inside the tent are a series of mesh pockets for storage and hooks for hanging lanterns. There is a panel at the highest point of the roof, in dry conditions, this can be zipped off to reveal a mesh panel. Not only will you get extra ventilation to help with condensation, but you will also be able to gaze up at the night sky. The doors both have windows that can be opened to reveal mesh panels. These are perfect for air-circulation whilst not letting unwanted critters in.

The rain-fly has good UV protection properties. It drapes over the inner tent and creates 2-large vestibule areas for gear storage.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 13ft-square vestibule areas
  • quick set up
  • Highest-quality, durable construction
  • The tent and all accessories are weatherproofed
  • Plenty of inner storage
  • Excels in treacherous conditions
  • Generous center height


  • No footprint supplied
  • Heavier than several 4-season tents
  • Awkward to return to the storage bag

What are the differences between a 3 and 4-season tent?

You might think that a 4-season tent is suited to year-round use. It isn't. It is specifically designed for demanding wintry weather conditions such as storms, winds, and snow.

A 3-season tent is ideal for spring, summer, and fall. It should be sturdy enough to keep you cool when its warm outside and warm when it's cool out. It should also keep you dry in rain showers. It will not need to withstand such extreme conditions as a 4-season tent.

Other differences include;


A 4-season tent is usually lighter to carry as camping in harsh environments means lots more kit to carry. Warm, dry clothes, and mats to raise you from sleeping on the floor are just some of the things to consider. The lighter your tent is, the more you can carry.


While you need airflow to prevent condensation, a 3-season tent relies on windows and mesh panels to keep air flowing to regulate body temperature. This is what keeps the tent warm at night and cooler during the day.


4-season tents often need to be put up quickly in awful conditions so require as few 'fiddly' bits as possible. 3-season tents are also designed to be set up and taken down quickly, but there is less need to rush.


While both tents need to have long life spans, a 4-season tent will need to withstand much harsher weather conditions. It needs to be free-standing so that it is suitable for mountaineering in blizzards, storms, and freezing conditions. That is why they are 2-layered, or dual-walled, consisting of an inner tent with an outer rain-fly.


4-season tents rely on sloping designs to encourage snow and rain to run off. They usually have snow skirts to help keep the interior insulated. They rely on an exoskeletal frame for strength and rigidity.

3-season tents are various designs, most often they are domed.


4-season tents are made from durable and waterproof nylon and polyester that have been tested to exacting standards.

3-season tents are made from similar, if not the same fabrics that but they don't need to be as waterproof.
They also feature much more mesh for added ventilation and to keep bugs out.

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What is a footprint and do I need one?

A footprint is another name for a groundsheet or floor mat. Some tents have them included and others don't.

It is a piece of durable waterproof material that creates an extra layer between the base of the tent and the ground.

Many people use a piece of tarpaulin cut to size instead, it is the cheaper option.

We would always recommend a footprint, particularly for a 4-season tent, it adds a layer of warmth and dryness.

Even when camping in pleasant weather it is an added layer to prevent condensation from getting into your tent and it also keeps it clean.

Can I use a 4-season tent in warm weather?

Due to the double-wall design, camping in a 4-season tent during the summertime can be a sweaty business. There is less ventilation which will allow condensation to build up.

3-season tents have more openable windows and vents to allow greater air-flow.

That being said, removing the outer rain-fly from certain tents leaves a perfectly useable inner tent with plenty of ventilation.

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What does 'doors pole out' mean?

The door flap clips to 2-poles which are stuck in the ground. This creates a covered porch area while you are staying close to the tent and need to pop in and out quickly.

If poles aren't supplied, seasoned campers often compromise by using hiking sticks or actual sticks!

I'm a light-sleeper, which tent offers the least light pollution?

If the early morning sun is likely to wake you, you should invest in a tent made from darker, thicker materials. Tents with added silicone coatings give an extra layer of protection against the rain and help to keep the interior darker at sunrise.

Lightweight, hiking tents probably aren't ideal to block out the daylight.


And finally...

When choosing the best 3 person tent for under $200, remember to consider the circumstances that you will be camping in and if a 3-season tent will suffice. In snowy and freezing conditions you will always need a 4-season tent to stand any chance of staying warm and dry.

Also, consider 3-large adults in a 3-person tent maybe a little cramped once all of your gear is in there. Opting for a 4-person tent is a wise decision. Some of our featured tents quite comfortably fit a combination of adults, kids, and gear.

If you're new to camping, we wish you a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors and sleeping beneath the stars.

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