[Top 10] Best Budget 4 Season Tent

When you are going camping, hiking, or mountaineering and will be staying out in the elements, it is essential to have the correct tent for your surroundings.Investing in the best budget 4 season tent can be a lifesaver if you’re caught in blizzards or stormy conditions.

The ability to keep yourself warm and dry and to have a dry change of clothes is priceless.

Best Budget 4-Season Tent

All of the 4-season tents featured in our reviews are capable of keeping cold out and warmth in, and no matter what you are doing, getting the best and safest sleep to face everything that the Great Outdoors could throw at you.

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Comparison Table of 10 Best Budget 4 Season Tent

SL. No.Image


Floor Area


1. Naturehike Backpacking Tent

83” X 49”

2. Geertop Backpacking Tent47.2” X 82.7”

Flytop Backpacking Tent 

70.8” X  83”

Naturehike   Backpacking Tent

83” X 49”

Luxe Tempo  4 Season Tents

55.2” X 82.6”

Naturehike Backpacking Tent


Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent

7’6” X 4’6”

ALPS Mountaineering Tent

5’2” X 7’8”

MoKo  Camping Tent

70.8” X 82.7”

MIER  Camping Tent

5’6” X 6′.9”

1. Naturehike Cloud-Up 1, 2 and 3 Person Backpacking Tent

If you’re looking for a 2-man tent that can easily fit in a rucksack for an all-weather hiking trip, this may well be it.Setting it up is foolproof; the sturdy aluminum poles are all prefixed and will only assemble in 1 way. Once you have erected the double-wishbone frame, the tent simply attaches to it. Use the guy ropes and peg it down before adjusting the Duraflex buckles until you get the tension exactly set.The interior of the tent has plenty of storage pockets and a lantern hook. A large amount of mesh at the top not only helps to keep the tent well-ventilated, but it also allows the campers to gaze up at the stars on hot, summer nights.Although the nylon feels quite thin, it is incredibly durable. The seams are sealed to prevent leakages.Once the rain fly is over you will be protected from heavy rain, strong winds, and even snow. Beware as you leave the tent after rainfall, the positioning of the fly may allow it to drip into the open door. As long as there is no gear stored in the doorway, this isn’t a huge issue.Best featureThis tent, including all of the accessories, is incredibly light. It’s hard to believe how everything fits into one small pouch, but it does – easily. Strap it to your backpack and you won’t even know its there. Once you’re ready to set off, everything will roll back up and pop straight back into the carry bag.This is a very impressive tent that withstands all weather conditions. Not only will it keep you warm and dry, but it will also keep you cool and protected from the sun’s rays.


  • Great value for money
  • Quality, durable materials
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Takes just 5-minutes to erect
  • Water-resistant and UV 50+ sun protection
  • Well-vented
  • Free-standing
  •  Available in 1, 2, and 3-person


  • Snug for 2-people. More suited to a single camper with lots of gear
  • Rain-fly poorly positioned

2. Geertop Portable 2 Person 4 Season Waterproof Backpacking Tent

​If you’re a fearless hiker who enjoys camping in cold weather, this Geertop 4-season tent is worthy of serious consideration.It has a unique design and is very sturdily made. The silicone-coated fabric features double-stitched seams to keep the weather out. The zippers have deep flaps to keep them protected from the rain.Putting this tent up takes a few minutes. The durable aluminum poles clip together and then the fly attaches to that. This is perfect if you find yourself building your tent in the rain; keep dry beneath the fly as you fix the inner tent.With the snow skirts, robust construction, and lack of ventilation, this tent is geared towards winter camping. It is perfect for mountaineering, and the website even features photographs of a group of these tents at the high altitude of 6800m in the Himalayas.Best featureThe design of the tent allows for a large triangular space in the vestibule. This is ideal for storing gear, wet clothes, and boots. If you hike with a dog, it is perfect for their own designated sleeping space.This tent resists high winds and keeps you warm and dry inside in heavy rain or snowy conditions.

It is small and light enough to carry in a backpack, can be set up and taken down in less than 5-minutes, and rivals its much more expensive competitors.


  • Affordable
  • Superb cold, wet weather performance
  • Sturdy, reliable construction, even at altitude
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Additional storage space
  • Toggle connect and secure system for rain-fly
  • Double-layer designated
  • Lamp hook and ceiling pockets
  • Reflective strip to guide you after dark


  • Better suited to fall/winter
  • Less ventilation = possible condensation in warm conditions
  • Not the lightest tent

3. Flytop 3-4 Season 1-2-person Double Layer Backpacking Tent

If your budget is tight or you are looking for an inexpensive way to see if cold-weather camping is for you, then this 4-season tent could be ideal. It is perfect for the entry-level hiker.

It identifies as a 1-2 person tent but we feel that it would be a little too snug and restrictive for 2 people. There is plenty of room for 1-person and their gear.

The rain fly is bright orange which helps it stand out in poor visual conditions, and the tough folding aluminum poles are also orange. This is a clever idea if you’re having to put the tent up in poor weather.

Talking of which, setup is a 5-minute job and take-down is even faster, with everything neatly folding back into its storage bag.

Best feature

Not only is there a front vestibule, but the triangular design gives storage space for gear on both sides of the sleeping area. This is ideal to keep wet and dry kit separate.

Two doors are also useful for keeping gear dry.

Triangular pegs hold the reflective ropes sturdily and ensure no-one trips over them after dark.

We love the vented windows, these prevent any condensation build up in the coldest conditions.

All of the seams are taped to give them added durability, so this little tent is capable of standing up to high winds and heavy rains.


  • Affordable, ideal starter tent
  • Double layer
  • Excellent storage space, 2 areas
  • Fluorescent fabric, bright poles, and reflective guy ropes
  • Extended base wings act as a snow skirt
  • Strong zippers open from in and outside
  • Lightweight
  • Setup and take-down are both fast and simpleComes in designated storage bags


  • Instructions are not in English
  • Ideally suited for 1-person
  •  Fabric isn’t as thick as others featured

4. Naturehike Cloud-Up 3-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

This 3-man tent from Naturehike comes fully loaded with strong poles and stakes, it also has a footprint included, or a floor mat if you prefer.

Setup is foolproof, it takes a few minutes. The free-standing frame feels rigid and it is easy to attach the inner tent. Once that is done, throw the fly over the top and adjust it using the connector buckles. Once it is pegged down the tent will feel firm and spacious.

Best feature

It is incredibly lightweight. The 3-person tent weighs only 4.7lbs, and that is for everything; the stakes, poles, footprint, rainfly, and the bag it all comes in.

It folds easily and once in the bag, it can be made even smaller using the compression straps. Attach it to a backpack and you will barely notice it is there.

There is a large vestibule between an inner and outer door, the perfect place to store gear and keep the wet and dry stuff separated.

The fabric is one of the toughest on the market; it is made from ripstop nylon. It has extremely high water, wind, and sun, resistance.  Providing you order the model with the fitted snow skirt, this tent will keep you warm and safe in all weather conditions.

This is a brilliant lightweight tent that could also be classed as 3-season. The huge amount of ventilation is ideally suited to warmer temperatures whilst it also serves to keep condensation out when you’re camping in freezing conditions.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Large vestibule for gear storage
  • Double-layer and well-ventilated
  • Compatible with 3-season and 4-season50+ UV sun protection
  • Durable ripstop fabric and sealed seams
  • Free-standing frame
  • Amazon’s lightest available 3-person tent


  • Better suited to 2-adults
  •  A high amount of mesh on the inner tent

5. Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4-Season Tent Free-Standing for Camping

This is a well-made and heavy-duty 2-man tent that would be difficult to lose in the dark! It is made from high-density polyester fabric that has been stitched in a cross-hatch style to make it more durable.

It is well insulated which keeps warmth in and wind out. Each of the corners has been reinforced and the seams are all taped to stop any rain or moisture getting inside the tent.

Best feature

There are 2-doors, ideal to use as an entrance and exit. This allows all of the wet, dirty gear to be stored in one of the 2 vestibules, and dry kit in the other.

The door can be “poled-out”. This involves attaching it to 2 poles to turn it into a canopy. This is a little added space that is still undercover.

Both doors and windows on the inner tent, this acts as a bug screen when using in fine conditions. It also keeps the area well ventilated and gives a great outdoor view.

These same vents are fully-closable when the tent is being used as 4-seasons. This keeps the warmth in, the wind out, and prevents condensation.

The interior has a well-thought-out mesh pocket for storage. A tablet can fit neatly inside, and, if you’re not out in the wilderness, you can catch up on the latest news events.


  • Extremely durable
  • Suited to 3 and 4-season camping
  • Strong construction keeps snow and rain out
  • Strong aluminum poles slide through snag-free sleeves
  • Bright reflective fabric for fast recognition
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Lockable from the inside for privacy and security
  • Lightweight
  • Double vestibule for kit storage


  • Footprint not included
  • Bright color allows the light through, the first sun will wake you
  • Compact fit for 2-people

6. Naturehike Cloud-Up 1-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

If you’re searching for a single-occupancy tent that is ultra-lightweight and doesn’t skimp on quality, this is ideal for you.

This is a double-wall tent with a large rain fly that overs full-coverage of the inner tent. It is made from thick, waterproof polyester and will not only keep you dry in stormy and snowy weather, but it will also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays with a 50+ UV rating.

Best feature

This tent is a true 3 or 4-season tent. The inner tent is made from breathable polyester fabric and has multiple vents to allow plenty of airflows to keep you cool. Use without the rain fly in warm temperatures and you won’t overheat.

Adding the rainfly, the second wall, ensures you stay warm and dry in unforgiving weather, including snow. The vents ensure no condensation forms from the heat emitted by your warm body.

The tent is the lightest weight of all featured in our review.  It weighs just 3.7lbs and that includes all of the accessories. It is ideal for carrying long distances as it will fit in a backpack.

Setting up takes a couple of minutes, Duraflex buckles are used to get the perfect tension within seconds. Everything is bright orange which makes it easy to spot in poor visibility conditions.

Every material used, including the space-grade aluminum poles, is of the highest-quality and is equal to the performance of the top-rated and much more expensive brands.


  • The lightest 1-man tent available
  • 3 and 4-season compatibility
  • Exceptionally fast and easy setup
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Storm, high-wind, and snow resistant
  • Well-ventilated to stop condensation build-up
  • Tough, covered zippers
  • Rigid exoskeletal design
  • Free-Standing with footprint included


  • Snow skirts available at an extra cost
  • Small vestibule, harder to separate wet and dry gear

7. Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

This tent looks different from the previous dome tents in our reviews, this is a 6-pole, A-frame tent.

Firstly, it feels like real quality, as if it will last for a very long time. The materials are all sturdy and durable. But, this ruggedness comes at a price, and you will have to sacrifice weight. It comes in at 2 0r 3lbs heavier than many of its competitors. This will have no consequence if you’re carrying it on a bike or in a truck.

All of the design is directed at keeping everything inside the tent warm and dry. From the strong seams, thick nylon, and substantial rain fly.

Best feature

Eureka has thought about where to store your kit once you’re safely inside the tent. It has 6-large storage compartments, great for keeping kit off the ground. It also has 2-large loft pockets made from mesh. There are 2 hanging hooks for flashlights enabling the entire tent to be flooded with light.

The vestibule area created by the rainfly is an ideal place to keep all of your wet and dirty gear.

Putting this tent up doesn’t take long, although we recommend the first assembly should be at home as there are guidelines to attach. The guidelines are all easily adjustable to help you achieve the best free-standing fit.

Once that is sorted you will have a tent with maximum control over ventilation, airflow, and moisture. You may feel it could be warm for a 3-season tent but every vent can be open-screened and operated from any side.

This is an amazing tent that is designed for all climates but performs exceptionally well in cold and wintry conditions. It holds up well against strong winds and refuses to let any moisture inside.


  • Generous sleeping area
  • High-quality, durable, waterproof rain fly
  • Multiple windows for ventilation
  • Mesh window for all-weather brightness
  • Multiple gear storage options
  • Strong corded aluminum poles
  • A-frame design repels rain and snow
  • Rear and front doors
  • Long life, users have used them for 10+ years


  • Most expensive reviewed
  • Heavier than other brands
  • Vestibule area could be larger

8. ALP​​​S Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent, Copper/Rust

As the name suggests, this is a tough little 2-man tent that has mountaineering conditions in mind. It doesn’t limit where you can camp and will keep you warm and dry in snow, downpours, or when the temperature drops to -50.

Set up is fast, each of the poles is made from durable, coated aluminum with a shockproof cord running through it. These snap over and lock off in a matter of moments, enabling the inner tent to be hooked on rapidly, even in treacherous conditions.

Best feature

Everything is ultra-weatherproof and therefore compatible with the wettest and coldest eventualities. The rugged rainfly has a powerful coating, as does the PolyTaffeta floor, ensuring everything stays dry. Even the fly buckles and pole supports have an additional waterproof coating.

Inside the tent are a series of mesh pockets for storage and hooks for hanging a lamp. At the highest point is a panel with a zipper. Unzip it to find some meshing, this is for added airflow to prevent condensation and regulate the temperature. It is also great for just lying back at staring at the night sky.

If you decide to use the tent in better weather conditions, the rain fly also offers high UV protection.

Both of the doors have mesh paneled windows for better airflow, and there are 2-vestibules in which to store your gear. Both are enclosed and covered by the rain fly.


  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 13ft-square of vestibule area
  • Quick set up
  • High-quality, durable construction
  • Tent and all accessories are weather-proofed
  • Plenty of inter storage
  • Excels in treacherous climates
  • Generous center height


  • No footprint supplied
  • Heavier than most featured tents
  • Awkward to return to the storage bag

9. MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent, Portable 3-Person Outdoor

If you’re looking for a compact and portable tent that will keep you and all of your gear dry in heavy rain, this could be it.

It is the first tent featured in our reviews that uses fiberglass poles. They lock together easily and feed through the sleeves of the fly to form a dome. Interestingly, the poles and sleeves are color-coded so it is difficult to go wrong.

Once you have assembled the outer wall of the tent, the inner, mess tent simply clips into place with a secure buckle system. This is great in rainy conditions as you will be sheltered.

Best feature

The vestibule of this tent is huge. As it is listed as a 3-person tent, it would need to be. But there is genuinely enough room for lots of equipment and to be able to keep wet clothes apart from dry ones.

The groundsheet is sewn to the body to keep everything dry.

Inside are multiple pockets and hanging hooks, there is even a mosquito net built-in.

The fabric is breathable and the roll-up windows allow plenty of ventilation and great views!

The roof hood is detachable in fine weather to let the airflow.

Overall, this is a well-designed tent that stands up to high winds and heavy rainfall.

If you watch the quick installation video you will see learn that setup is a cinch.


  • Affordable
  • Huge vestibule
  • A heavy-duty polyester rainfly
  • High wind and rain resistance capabilities
  • Color-coded for easy setup
  • Fly and base are fire retardant
  • The gap between 2 walls ensures no condensation
  • Lockable from the inside
  • Doors and windows have windows for viewing and ventilation


  • Too compact for 3-people
  • Easier to set up with 2-people
  • Relatively heavy, too heavy for backpacking

10. MIER 3 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Tent 

This is an ideal starter 4-season tent from Mier. It is lightweight and has an exceptionally easy to erect, 1-pole system. Connecting the inner tent to the poles is simple as it uses hook and loop tabs. The inner tent has lots of meshing to allow the air to flow freely to keep it cool when it is warm outside. It also helps to prevent condensation in colder climates.

The rainfly is made from durable nylon rip-stop silicone fabric, perfect to keep high winds and heavy rain out. We love how large it is and how it tacks down low and encourages the rain to roll off and away from the tent. No wet feet when you step outside in the morning.

Best feature

The floor of the tent is a bathtub style. This means it slopes higher up the side of the tent where it is sealed to the inner tent fabric. This prevents any moisture from the ground finding its way inside.

This is a spacious tent for 2 adults and could comfortably sleep, 1 adult and 2 kids. There are 2 entrance doors and 2 vestibules, perfect for storing gear.

The tent has a very high wind resistance and can easily withstand 25mph winds, keeping the occupants insulated, dry, and warm inside.

All of the guy lines are reflective which is great if you’re camping with kids or clumsy adults.

Once the trip is over the tent and all of the accessories fold up into a very compact bag, it is lightweight and a great tent for hikers.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Footprint supplied
  • Large Rip-Stop nylon rainfly directs rain away
  • large meshed inner tent, well ventilated for 3-season camping
  • Integral skylight
  • Easy set up with hook and loop system
  • Durable aluminum 1-pole design
  • 2- ‘D’-shaped doors2-vestibules for gear storage
  • Bathtub style flooring for added waterproofing


  • The stakes could be longer
  • Too snug for 3 large adults
  • Takes a while to master getting the tent back in the carry bag

What Makes a Tent a 4-Season Tent?

When looking to buy a new tent, you will come across 3-season and 4-season tents.

Contrary to what you might believe, a 4-season tent isn’t suited for year-round use. Instead, it is specifically designed for use in extreme winter conditions.

3-season tents

  1. Lightweight and easy to carry. Usually suited to hikers and campers.
  2. Offer protection from rain
  3. Capable of protecting against moderate winds
  4. Maximum airflow via mesh walls to control the temperature.
  5. Basic set up

4-season tents

  1. Rely on an exoskeletal frame for added strength and rigidity
  2. Designed with more angular, sloping walls. This ensures snow will effectively shed and rain will runoff.
  3. Made from incredibly heavy-duty fabrics, such as coated nylon and polyester.
  4. A large vestibule is required to keep wet and frozen gear away from the sleeping area and discourage interior frost.

If your trip will involve 20-50MPH winds, harsh blizzard conditions, or environments at high altitudes you will need a 4-season tent. Keeping warm and dry in those conditions can save your life.

Attempting to use a 4-season tent on a warm evening will undoubtedly leave you very hot and sweaty with its limited ventilation features.

Not all winter camping trips will be so demanding. If you expect light winds and rain, then a 3-season tent is sufficient, the added ventilation will help increase air-flow and moderate temperatures on mild evenings.

What is The Difference Between A Single Wall and A Double-Wall Tent?

Most tents aren’t waterproof, yes, they may be water-resistant but you need a guarantee that zero rain can get through when you’re camping in tough conditions. No-one wants their gear, or worse still, themselves, to get wet overnight.

A rain fly is made from high-density nylon or polyester and has incredible waterproofing characteristics. Easy to fit sheets that mostly utilize the existing pegs from the tent.

A single-wall tent is usually connected to a durable aluminum frame, like an exoskeleton. This tent will undoubtedly have lots of mesh panels for good ventilation and to keep the bugs out. It will also have an attached base.

By adding a rain fly, (flysheet, outer tent) you are safeguarding everything inside the tent against wind, snow, and rain. It is essentially a floor-less, waterproof layer that fits over the existing tent to protect it from the elements. It then becomes a double-wall 4-season tent.

A single-wall tent is ideal for camping in warm temperatures with no threat of rain. There will be plenty of ventilation to help regulate the temperature.

A double-wall tent is an absolute must in treacherous conditions, particularly where there are high winds, storms, and snow.

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What is a tent’s footprint?

Often, but not always, a footprint is supplied with a 4-season tent. Sometimes it is known as a floor mat, it is a waterproof, durable sheet of material that measures the same size as the base of your tent.  Place it down before setup and you will have a more comfortable base that will protect everything from moisture, and the extra layer will also trap air to provide extra warmth.

What are snow skirts in a 4-season tent?

If you’re going to be camping in arctic conditions or at high-altitude, snow skirts are essential in a 4-season tent.

When you have pitched the tent, shovel snow onto the skirts to add as an extra anchor in high winds.

It will also stop snow from being blown in as it seals the tent. They also add much-needed warmth.

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Are free-standing 4-season tents better?

Free-standing tents have several benefits, mostly because they are an easy form of temporary accommodation that can be set up anywhere that has a flat surface.

They are usually fast and easy to pitch; they don’t need to be staked down.

Without the need for stakes and mallets, free-standing tents are a hiker’s friend as they are more compact and lighter to carry.

What is a bathtub floor in a 4-season tent?

The base of the tent continues higher up the sidewalls and resembles a bathtub. Made of tough, waterproof fabrics, and sealed to the tent fabric, they ensure no ground moisture can seep into the tent.

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The best budget 4-season tents are designed for the serious hiker and camper.

Chances are that you are going to find yourself in some pretty inhospitable weather conditions.

As long as you have invested in a robust tent, with a large, reliable rain fly, snow skirts, and plenty of storage space, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an awesome adventure.

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