[Best Easy Way] How to Make a Pop Up Tent?

How to Make a Pop Up Tent

After a busy and stressful duration, everyone requires to recharge. There is no better place to recharge than interacting with nature. All you need is a camping destination and a tent. Talking of a tent, do you even know how to set it? Some people, especially the newbie, would like to camp. But the idea of setting up and pulling down the tent disheartens them. Some try to read the instructions, but alas, they appear too complex to understand. The good news is that your setting and pulling down stress just become extinct with a pop-up tent.

What does the pop-up tent mean? It’s an instant tent that doesn’t give you the hassle of setting it. What makes it perfect is the fact that it takes a few seconds to pop up. That makes setting easy. Again after camping, you won’t struggle bringing it down; folding is easy. Unlike a regular tent that requires you to carry some poles, the pop-up tent comes with fewer gears. It’s complete without some extra poles.

Maybe you have an event, for instance, a concert. If you want to rest, you can pitch and un-pitch it faster. Furthermore, if you enjoy relaxing with the kids in the backyard, pitching your tent becomes easy. Maybe you are wondering if it’s effective like an ordinary tent. Yes. It’s not only waterproof but also contains UV-protected fabrics making it perfect for outdoor activities.

With all these benefits, you are wondering if the tent is costly. Surprisingly, you can make one on your own. Knowing how to make a Pop-Up tent will save the cost and the hassles of setting a regular tent. So how do you make one?

How to Make a Pop Up Tent?

If you plan to go on a camping trip and lack a tent, make a pop-up tent. You need to gather materials for making a tent. These include; Waterproof UV resistance canvas and a spring steel wire, not to mention a thin steel plate and a screen sheet. Also, get some tools such as pliers and scissors.

Thanks to technology, many YouTube videos can guide you to make a perfect pop up tent.


You are already wondering how you will make the frames. Of course, you require the clips to hold the wires together. But where do you get them from? Just curve the steel plates into an s-shape, and there you have the clips. The clips should help you to hold the wires together to make the frames.

The Sheet

The tent requires a waterproof UV resistance canvas long enough to cover your flames. What if you lack such a canvas? Don’t worry; you can invent one by reproofing it with water and UV resistance sprays. You can attach the sheet to the fabric using a long fabric wire.


After all, the pop-up tent requires a door. After all, how will you enter? Of course, the door should be rectangular, and that’s why you have to cut that shape on your fabric. It can be a tricky step since you may have to get another fabric if you make a mistake. So, as indicated above, download a YouTube video and follow each step when making a pop-up tent.

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How to Fold The Tent?

After camping for some time, it’s time to go home. Know how to fold pop up tent to avoid damaging it. Here is the secret.

Ensure It’s Dry

Folding and packing a wet tent is a recipe for disaster. Next time you want to use it, molds will have grown on it, giving it an odor. Wipe the mud with a wet cloth and air dry it. If it’s still raining, you need to dry it once you get home. If it had not rained, wipe off the dust and open the door.

Fold the Tent

Folding a pop-up tent is very easy. There is no complicated formula. Remember, when folding, the tent’s door should remain open to allow all the trapped air to sneak out. Stand behind your tent, grab the poles on your left and right hand and fold them together. Grab the back-arc and hold it together with the two poles. Again, pull over the front arc to join the three points. Now you are almost through. Grab the door arc to help you fold the tent inwards. Does it have a taco shape? If so, then you are taking the right direction.

Hold it vertically and put the high side downwards to make the tent to close on itself. Twist your tent slightly, and it will produce two circles. Overlap one circle with the other. You can’t leave it before securing it well. It will pop up again, leaving you to start the process afresh.

Bag It Up

Use the attachments in your tents to secure it. If it doesn’t secure attachments, keep on holding it until you put it in its bag. Note that you should not struggle to put it in the bag if you fold it nicely.

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Pop Up Camper

Serious adventurers know the beauty of having a pop-up camper. You can also call it a pop-up trailer. Just like a pop-up tent, you can fold it to make it portable. You only need to attach it to your trailer and hit the road. It’s light and easy to pull, and thus you don’t require a lorry; a mid-sized car can pull it. Surprisingly, some come with a good mattress and bathroom. You will not struggle thinking of where to shower.

Next time you plan on a camping trip, consider a diy pop up tent or even a pop-up camper. Setting them is easy, giving you the opportunity and time to enjoy various camping activities.


Setting a regular tent can discourage you from camping. But luckily, with the pop-up tent, you only need to untie the straps, and boom, the tent pops up. So next time you are hitting the road, why don’t you go with a pop-up tent or a pop-up camper?

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