[TOP 7] Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting

Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting

Coyotes are nocturnal so the best time to hunt them is when they’re out on the hunt themselves.

Night hunting is such a buzz but only when you have the correct tools for the job. A first-time hunter with a flashlight and a brilliant white LED will spook the creatures and end up going home empty-handed. The best light to use night coyote hunting will be tactical to mount on your shotgun and will have a colored filter to highlight the prey without alerting him to your nearness.

Take a look through the best night hunting lights on the market. We have done all of the research to help you to make the most informed buying decision.

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7 Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting

1. Orion H30 Green Premium Predator Hunting

Flashlight – Best Green Light for Coyote Hunting

This resilient and durable light is available in both red and green to make hunting easier, regardless of what you are trying to catch.

It is made to military standards from non-reflective aluminum. It can withstand most things, including high and low temperatures and being dropped from a height.

It won’t scratch and because it is water-resistant, it is ideal to use in cold and wet climates.

Best feature

It operates from a rechargeable battery that is supplied. It also comes with a designated battery charger and from flat to full power takes less than an hour.

The torch can run for up to 4-hours on its highest setting on a single charge.

If it is coyotes you’re after, we recommend the green light. It doesn’t faze the creature and you will be impressed by the flashlight’s ability to turn a darkened view into perfect night vision. The beam can be cast for almost 300-yards. There are 4-brightness settings, all at the press of a button.

We love the remote pressure switch, it emits a ray of light as you’re aiming, remove your thumb from the button and it goes dark.

It is lightweight, less than 5ozs, and fits snugly into a palm. If you want to mount it to a scope, it comes with 2 mounting kits, for barrels and rails.

This is a popular long-range hunting light that is loved by hunters.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
  • Available in red and green models
  • Emits a long-range beam
  • Supplied with various mounts, battery, and charger
  • 4-brightness settings
  • Durable and dependable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • ¬†Shock and water-proof


  • No adjustable focus
  • Requires 6 screws to attach to the scope, inconvenient to swap between weapons

2. Odepro KL52Plus Zoomable Hunting Flashlight – Best Flashlight for Hunting at Night

For those who love night hunting and don’t want to choose between red or green beams, this could be the ideal kit for you.

The flashlight is substantially made; it feels heavy-duty and that it could easily withstand a bit of rough treatment. Made from anodized aluminum, it will keep out rain and moisture, it will even survive being dropped in shallow water.

Best feature

This torch is exceptionally versatile. You don’t have to choose between red or green light, it has both, along with white and infra-red. The colors are interchangeable simply by unscrewing the cap and swapping in whichever color pill that you need.

Everything comes together in a sturdy carry-case. Inside you will find everything you need for good night vision. Along with the main body of the torch are the replacement color pills, a wrist strap, 2-batteries, and a handy charger. Replacement seals are included, as is a remote switch for hands-free targetting.

There are also 2-rifle mounts for your hunting light. The first is a fast clip-on style, the second is a fixed style and is easily secured with the included Allen keys.

This is a powerful torch that has an easily adjustable beam, just twist the stem and change the view from floodlit to the focussed spotlight. You can easily illuminate your target at distances well over 1300ft without alerting them to your presence.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty inc. 2-years free repairs
  • 4-color options
  • Versatile night-time hunting tool
  • Smart remote switch operation
  • Brackets supplied in a robust carry case
  • Weather and shockproof construction
  • Adjustable focus
  • Batteries and charger included
  • Powerful, long-distance beam
  • Battery life above 3-hours on high power


  • The elevation of the supplied mounts cannot be adjusted

3. Nitecore P30  Rechargeable Hunting Light – Best Green Hunting Spotlight

If you need a light for night coyote-hunting and want one with a long-through, this kit should be of interest to you.

It comprises of a huge amount of accessories, everything you could need for an after-dark hunt is stored in a large, hard case.

Included is a holster, lanyard, pocket clip, and a remote pressure switch. There is also a charger, a battery and a couple of firearm mounts. A red and green interchangeable lens and some spare seals complete the kit.

Best feature

Some mounts supplied with hunting lights are of poor quality; these aren’t. Whether you prefer the rail or scope mounted light you will be impressed with how easy they are to fit and just how sturdy they are once in place.

By adding the remote pressure switch, you can have an injection of light exactly when you need it, without having to fumble for the tail switch in the dark.

We love the simplicity of changing from red to green light, just twist the lens holder and swap for the color that you need. Red seems to be the color that picks out the coyotes best and least spooks them.

The beam is capable of reaching an amazing 676 yards when on maximum setting. If you don’t need that far you can choose a lesser setting and have a more focussed light, there are 7-modes in all, including SOS and strobe functions.

This is the ultimate kit and possibly the best light to use night coyote hunting; illumination is brilliant and operation couldn’t be simpler.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Red and green light filters included
  • Exceptionally bright LED beam with ultra-long throw
  • Can be sturdily mounted for tactical use, or handheld
  • Multiple accessories included in a strong carry case
  • Pocket size, lightweight, and portable
  • Includes side remote pressure switch
  • Aviation-standard construction, shock, and waterproof
  • Battery charger included with in-car adaptor cables¬†


  • No zoom function
  • The instructions aren’t clear
  • The colored lenses could use a stronger holder

4. WINDFIRE WF-802 Green LED Hunting Light – Best Light for Hunting Hogs at Night

This hunting light is inexpensive which may lead you to think that it is lightweight and plasticky. You couldn’t be more wrong. It is a substantial weight, is made from tough aluminum, and feels very robust.

It casts a powerful beam at a distance of up to 250-yards using an LED Cree bulb. Without your prey noticing, it can illuminate a wide area enabling you to get a good view of the creature and its surroundings.

Best feature

This is a great tactical flashlight for night coyote and hog hunting; many hunters have had great success with deer too. They state that they have been as close as 20-yards using this green light and the deer haven’t batted an eyelid.

The remote pressure switch is easy to fit and attaches to the barrel of your firearm. This is ideal when you just need a fast burst of light and don’t have time to mess with switches.

The torch can be mounted on most weapons, including hand pistols and crossbows, you just need to get the correct mounting bracket for that. One is supplied for standard scope or barrel mounting on a rifle or shotgun.

It comes in a handy carry case along with a battery and a charger. Initially, the battery takes around 8-hours to fully charge, but once it reaches maximum it holds enough power to operate for 4+ hours of consistent high power use.


  • Superb value for money
  • 1 battery and a charger supplied
  • High-quality Cree LED
  • Long projection
  • Tight beam
  • Robust and durable
  • Mounting bracket and pressure switch supplied
  • Water-resistant


  • No zooming function
  • Power switch sometimes makes an audible click

5. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light – Best Light for Predator Hunting

No review of night hunting lights would be complete without a look at the Coyote Reaper from Predator. The brand is a favorite amongst seasoned hunters and this model is one of its best sellers.

A tough carry case holds everything you will need for a night hunt including, mounts, remote switch to be mounted in your desired location, 2-batteries, and 1-charger with a vehicle adaptor.

Best feature

The battery is capable of powering the flashlight for an entire night-hunt, but if you’re wary of running out of juice, carry the fully-charged spare that is supplied, along with you.

Better still, use the provided extension tube for both batteries and get twice as much power for twice as long.

This torch has adjustable zoom and is therefore capable of flooding wide areas with light or focussing on a target with a single, tight beam.

Whichever color light your hunt requires is catered for. Simply switch between the red and green lenses, not filters, to project your long-range beam.

It is easy to see why this is such a popular hunting light, it is powerful, tough, and lightweight. It doesn’t even weigh half a pound.


  • 1-2 years warranty on the components
  • Superior quality lightweight
  • Interchangeable colored lenses
  • Built-in Halo shield
  • Designed for throwing long distance
  • Silent operation button
  • Lots of accessories in a handy carry case


  • The mounting bracket could be sturdier

6. Wicked Lights W403IC Night Hunting – Best Weapon Light for The Money

If you’re searching for the best color light for coyote hunting that has adjustable zoom with pinpoint accuracy, this is worthy of serious consideration.

Everything comes in a sturdy carry case that includes 2 scope mounts, 2-batteries, and a charger.

There is also a tail cap and an intensity-controlled switch.

The torch is made from anodized aluminum to an incredibly tough standard, it will resist most impacts, scratches, and won’t let moisture in. They are a couple of extra ‘O’ rings should they ever need to be replaced.

This is a versatile piece of kit as it contains 3-interchangeable LEDs, white, red, and green. They can be swapped over whilst the light is mounted and all give exceptional illumination over long distances. LEDs generally have about 50000-hours of life expectancy so, your night hunting light may outlive you!

Best feature

Unlike other brands, to adjust the zoom from spot to full flood, take a single 360-degree rotation. This allows for total control, extreme accuracy, and fast alternation.

This is a powerful light with a great range that can add excellent visibility to a night hunt. It is easy to mount, easy to adjust, and makes it easier to spot your target.


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Contains 2-batteries and a charging unit
  • Adjustable zoom to control light intensity
  • Built-in Halo shield
  • Multiple accessories in a sturdy carry case


  • No remote handheld trigger supplied
  • Cannot be bow-mounted

7. WINDFIRE Waterproof CREE Green Coyote Hunting LED Light

if it is just a green light that you’re looking for to take on a night coyote hunt, this could be the one for you.

The light casts well up to a distance of 150-yards to see the entire animal, you should pick the glare from his eyes at over 200-yards. As it is unfiltered light, it will be more defined and throw longer distances with greater clarity.

Best feature

For such an affordable price, this light is a particularly solid build. It is made from an aluminum alloy that offers toughness and durability. It won’t scratch and will work perfectly in downpours, the solid construction will keep the rain out.

We love the compact size, it is suited to use as a handheld flashlight. It also comes with a 20mm rail mount to turn it into a tactical torch. The tail switch gives a constant beam, the remote pressure switch lights up for as long as you hold a thumb on it, release it and the light goes off.

This great value light comes with a rechargeable battery ad a charging unit.


  • Powered via a tactical tail switch or remote pressure pad
  • Rail mounts and all hardware included
  • The energy-efficient battery lasts longer
  • Withstands impact and is weather-resistant


  • Only green light, no interchangeable LED’s
  • The pressure switch could be more sensitive

Features of The Best Color Light for Coyote Hunting

The market is overloaded with flashlights, tactical lights, and torches. If you are hunting at night you will want a designated light that will keep you every bit as camouflaged as the dark clothing that you will be wearing.

Here are a few useful things to look out for in night coyote hunting lights.


The output of an LED bulb is measured in lumens. The greater the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb will be. Some tactical flashlights have lumens values into the thousands. Night hunting lights don’t require that amount, instead, they rely on tinted filters combined with the power and accuracy of the beam.


Depending on the hunting conditions, a light with a powerful, long-range beam is a necessity for a hunter. The ability to pick out your target, pinpoint him and his surroundings even in the darkest conditions, is invaluable.

If you want the ability to focus in as a spotlight or use your torch to floodlight a larger area, you will need an adjustable zoom.

Consider the distance that you would be most comfortable to take a long-range shot at night, and that is the maximum output you will require.


If you always hunt coyotes and foxes, then red light is sufficient. If you hunt regularly it makes sense to buy a kit that includes multiple light filters, different colors for different predators.

Some of our featured night hunting lights also have white and IR bulbs so you have a full scope of options with the flashlight.

All of them can be used as handheld flashlights or mounted onto a shotgun securely.


It’s dark out there and you won’t always be able to see what’s underfoot. You will need a reliable hunting light of robust construction that can withstand being dropped, rained on, and handled roughly. All of our featured torches are made from anodized aluminum to military standards.


Hunting lights that come as part of a set usually better value for money. Their contents vary but can consist of;

  • Remote pressure switch
  • Batteries and charger unit
  • Rail or scope mounting brackets
  • Carry case
  • Lanyards, pocket clips, wrist straps, and holsters
  • Interchangeable filters and colored filters


Hunting lights have various settings from low to full power. Some have strobe and SOS functions to ensure your safety at night.

The LED lighting is very harmful when shone directly into the eyes, this can be a useful weapon if you should be under attack.

Why You Need a Colored Light for Night Hunting

It’s dark. A standard flashlight with its high lumen count and brilliant white LED light might light your way but it will also alert your prey and send them running.

Softer, more mellow lighting isn’t as visible to animals, particularly shades of green and red. They are much less sensitive to these more muted colors and less likely to be scared away.

These illuminate areas, animals, particularly their eyes, without alerting them to your presence.

This will buy the hunter some time to take aim and make a clean shot.


How long will the battery in my hunting light last?

Our guides show the maximum life you will get from a single charge of a battery when used on the highest setting.

Some of these are around the hour mark, others are longer.

We suggest carrying a few spare fully-charged batteries in your pocket if you intend to be out all night.

Should I buy a red or green light for night coyote hunting?

Most hunters find that coyotes and foxes don’t react to red light, making them easier targets.

Although red is harder for the human eye to see, if you have a static target, the kill should be easier.

Investing in light with interchangeable filters will enable you to hunt other predators simply by swapping a filter.

It is more cost-effective and less hassle than carry 2 flashlights.

What is a Halo shield on a night hunting light?

They are a component of the lens that helps to direct and focus the light exactly where it is needed.

Some torches without Halo shield suffer from light spillage where the ground is lit up and not the targeted area.

Do I need a remote pressure switch?

They work by freeing up your hands to steady your firearm. If you rely solely on a tactical switch you will have to use 1-hand to switch it on or off via the tail cap.

Remote pads work when you apply pressure and switch off when you loosen your grip. This enables the hunter to hold the pad in their palm without losing grip on the weapon.


 Coyotes are wily creatures; small, mean, and fast.

As they are out on the prowl after dark, this is when you will need to hunt for them.

If you have read our reviews and chosen the best light for night coyote hunting, we are sure you will have much success catching the challenging predators.

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