Best Way to Shower While Camping

Best Way to Shower While Camping

Camping allows you to disconnect from the busy life and interact with nature. It becomes even more fun when camping with friends due to the many activities that you enjoy doing. If the camping facility offers you a bathroom that has a shower, then maintaining personal hygiene isn’t a challenge. Unfortunately, not all facilities offer that service. That’s the point where you appreciate the shower at home that you have been taking for granted.

After undertaking vigorous activities, you will sweat. When sweat accumulates, you will start stinking, thus attracting flies. You can imagine how uncomfortable that is to you and your friends. Bacteria with thrive on your skin, thus causing sicknesses. That will thwart the primary goal of camping. Luckily, you can organize yourself and remain clean for all the days you want to camp.

Note that perfumes and scented soaps are not good when camping in the woods. The scent will attract animals and insects such as bees. Your intention is not to mess around with nature, so avoid non-biodegradable soap. Keep the environment clean and avoid littering your camping site. Check the tips below on how to shower when camping. They include;

1. Washing Your Body

a. Wash in The River

Do you enjoy swimming? Look around and ensure there is no one around. You wouldn’t like someone to update your naked pictures on the internet. Strip naked and jump in the river. Enjoy bathing without soap. You know soap can harm the fish and other living things in the water. If you are afraid that someone could be hiding in the bush, jump in the river with your inner wear. By the time you are through, you will be fresh without sweat, dirt and grime.

b. Sponge Bath

You are used to washing with soap, and you are not feeling fresh after a river bath. You can combine a river bath with a sponge bath. Warm some water and grab your camping towel, sponge and biodegradable soap. Look for a nice place but ensure the distance from that location to the water source is 200 meters. You have two options; either sponge baths the sensitive areas that are likely to stink. You can also clean the entire body. After rinsing yourself, rush to the river and enjoy the bath. If the river is not available, wait to shower well when you get home.

c. Use A Spray Bottle

Put water in the spray bottle, and then aim at the sensitive areas that you want to wash. If you don’t have a spray bottle anywhere, why don’t you clean a bug spray bottle and use it? You can also consider a spray bottle that comes with a fan. Once you wash, the fan helps you to dry up.

d. Portable Showers

Many companies are making portable showers. Among them includes backpack shower device. You can enjoy a warm shower by filling the bag with water and leaving it in the sun. After a few hours, check the temperature and if satisfied, look for a secluded place. Hang it on the tree and strip. Wet your body first before turning off the water to avoid wastage. Smear your body with soap, scrub it, turn on the water and rinse yourself.

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e. Baby Wipes and Sanitizers

When you wipe your body using the baby wipes, you leave behind a fresh scent. Remember maybe you are in the wilderness and there is no water source available. You can aim at wiping the sensitive areas that can stink.

Sanitizers kill micro-organisms such as bacteria. It will help to clean your hands before eating. You can also use it to wipe your body but avoid wiping your face and the private parts with the sanitizer. But if the water source is near, get to it and clean your hands.

2. The Clothes

If you take a bath and put on dirty clothes, you won’t smell fresh. Apply these tips on how to stay clean while camping. You can’t bring all your clothes to the camping site. But you need to have at least two or three clothes to change. Alternatively, if you had only carried one extra cloth, wear it after bathing and wash the dirty one. Keep alternating until you go home. Note that the best clothes to wear when camping is synthetic material clothing. They wink moisture meaning that bacteria will not get an excellent environment to thrive.

3. Foot Scrub

After hiking or even walking, your feet will attract dust and dirt. It may also produce some odor. So, before retiring to the tent, get to the river, remove the shoes and foot scrub. Don’t wear the shoe before drying the legs with the camping tower.

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4. Teeth and Hair Hygiene

When bacteria accumulate in your teeth, various teeth illnesses occur. Other than illnesses, the mouth stinks keeping the people away from you. To avoid such embarrassments, carry a toothbrush plus organic toothpaste. Stand 200 meters from the water source and brush. Before spitting the paste in your mouth, sip some water to dilute it. You can spit it on the ground.

Some insects like dirty hair. You can’t risk attracting them to your hair. Maybe water is not available. The dry shampoo will do magic on your hair, thus helping it to remain clean. Applying baby powder on the root of the hair will also make it remain clean.

5. Washing The Dishes

Wash the dishes in a dish bin or even a large pot. Get a biodegradable soap to clean the dishes. Dry them with a camping towel once they get clean. Pout the food particles on the bin and the water on the thunder box. If the thunder box isn’t available, take the water 20 meters from the water source, dig a hole, pour and add soil in it. That will help to keep animals off.

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Hygiene helps you remain fresh and even think clearly. When camping, you have many options to help you remain clean. Wash in the river, sponge bath, use a spray bottle or even a portable shower. Clean the cloth or even carry extra. After washing utensils, pour the water in the thunder box or even dig a hole and pour it before filling the hole with soil.

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