[TOP 10] Best ZIP Together Sleeping Bags For Couples

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Sleep is the most important part of any day. As you would need all the energy you can get for the next day. Especially after hiking or camping with your significant other.

The best way you both can enjoy that time of the day is with the help of a camping tool known as a sleeping bag. Not just any sleeping bag, but a zip together sleeping bag.

This camping tool is designed to ensure you enjoy ultimate convenience. As it's evident in its key feature. Which is the ability for two separate sleeping bags (of the same brand) to be attached. Thus allowing you and your partner to be warm together, throughout the chilling night.

But, which is the best? And how do you choose?

Lucky for you, we have all the information you need to know about the zip-together sleeping bag and how to Choose one. So by the end of this post, you should make your choice from our list of best zip together sleeping bags for couples.

Comparison Table of Best ZIP Together Sleeping Bags For Couples

1. Sleepingo double sleeping bag - Best Couple Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: Large (87" X 59")
  • Temperature limit: 30°F
  • Weight: 3lbs

If you're a quick buyer that isn't ready to look into that many details then you should consider sleeping's top model. As it consists of many top-end features to keep you and your camping partner comfortable thought-out the night. One of such features is its zip together mechanism, which allows non-cuddling couples to detach the sleeping bag into two, for individual Comfort.

Another great feature to look at is the quality of the outer material, which is both water & rip-resistant (polyester fabric). Making it perfect for handling damp and twiggy areas. As for the inner material, the sleeping bag contains a combination of cotton and tetron. Which is extremely soft and comfy, at least compared to cheap generics.

Apart from its material quality, the sleepingo zip together sleeping bag ensures warmth and comfort throughout three seasons. Consisting of spring, fall, and summer. So, for most of the year, you don't have to worry about freezing.

  • 3 season sleeping bag
  • Water & rip-resistant
  • Can be separated into two sleeping bags
  • It comes with a stuff bag
  • Machine washable
  • Might not be large enough
  • Not designed to be rolled

2. TETON Sports Queen-Size Bag - Best Largest Double Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: 94" X 62"
  • Temperature limit: 20°F
  • Weight: 14lbs

A large sleeping bag can also be a great choice. Especially if a minor is part of your excursion. The reason for this claim is because the Teton mammoth Queen-size sleeping bag is a family model. Which could also go great for just you and your partner if larger spaces are a requirement.

Also, with the Teton mammoth sleeping bag, you're allowed to customize your sleeping pad compartment. Either by stuffing it or fitting in an air mattress or foam bed. But a foam bed should be considered because it enables the sleeping bag to be an all-season bag.

Another awesome feature with this sleeping bag is the convenience you experience while using it and setting it up. You can see this in its soft lining, anti-snag zipper, and anti-heat loss mummy hood.

  • It comes with its a stuff own bag
  • Soft and comfy 
  • Anti-snag zipper
  • Extremely less heat loss
  • More space
  • Water-resistant
  • Could be too big
  • Probably a 2 season sleeping bag
  • Not marketed has rip resistant
  • Not really machine washable

3. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag - Best Sleeping Bag For Cold Climate

Key Features

  • Size: 87" X 59" 
  • Temperature limit: 32°F - 52°F
  • Weight: 6.08lbs

Warmth and comfort could be the deal-breaker for you. If so, then why not try the Ohuhu couple sleeping bag. It's one of the most "warmth and comfort" centralized sleeping bags in the market. As it can handle cold harsh winds and chilling rain breeze easily. This is because the temperature range it can handle is between 32°F - 50°F. Which is great for summer. But not so much for the other seasons.

Another deal-breaker with this sleeping bag is the quality of the material. Of which the outer shell is made of water-resistant polyester (210T). While the inner material is filled with a specific kind of cotton, that'll leave floating in clouds with your partner. 

Additionally, the Ohuhu double sleeping bag is lightweight enough to be backpacked during a long hike. It even comes with its bag which doesn't require you to roll up your sleeping bag.

  • Great for cold climate
  • 3 season sleeping bag
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Stuff bag present
  • Must not be rolled 

4. CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag - Best Sleeping Bag For Damp Ground

Key Features

  • Size: 87" X 57"
  • Temperature limit: 42°F
  • Weight: 6.5lbs

Another comfy zip together sleeping bag you could consider is the canway double sleeping bag. It's made uniquely to handle terrible environmental conditions like chilling night temperature. So you and your partner will remain warm and cozy all night. Even if the temperature drops to 42°F. Thus making it weather resistant.

The quality of its outer material is top end. As it's made up of 210T polyester with flannel lining which is water-resistant and rip-resistant (to a certain extent). This means you can set-up your sleeping bag in somewhat damp areas without worry.

Another feature you should like is the soft, comfy stuffings which is 3D cotton. With such a grade of cotton, you and your partner are bound to feel cozy and warm throughout the cold night. Also, the cotton fillings make the sleeping bag lightweight. Thus, in turn, makes compressing and storing convenient. Despite the CANWAY sleeping bag being a large-sized sleeping bag.

  • Special 3D cotton fillings
  • Water-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • It's a triple season sleeping bag
  • Not marketed as rip resistant

5. TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Bag - Best Ultralight Couple Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: 87" X 63" X 44"
  • Temperature limit: 15 - 20"F
  • Weight: 8.2lbs

If you're looking for a more convenient and less expensive option, then the Teton sports tracker ultralight sleeping bag should be considered. Why? Because of its extra convenient design. The feature that should catch your eye is the extra room made for your feet to feel cozy instead of tight and cold. Another feature is the extra pocket for each side so it can make up for its somewhat tight build. 

Apart from compartments, there are certain convenient features such as an anti-snag zipper which is repairable. Two separate mummy hoods to prevent best from escaping around your head and face.  

The comfort and warmth will have to come from your camp sleeping pad. Which shout be foam, so it can handle most weather conditions (2 season sleeping bag). But not damping regions as it's not so waterproof. 

Another feature you would like it's lightweight. Once fit into its bag after de-stuffing it, you are sure to save lots of space in your backpack. 

  • Ultralight
  • Extra convenient features present
  • Special polar insulator
  • Waterproof 
  • Anti-snag zipper (repairable)
  • Could be too big

6. Ohuhu Double Sleeping bag - Best Family Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: 18.9" X 11.8"
  • Temperature limit: 45°F
  • Weight: 6lbs

Here is another ohuhu model that made the Roundup. Which is also a family/couple sleeping bag, that has so much space you could fit in a minor.

Apart from size, the ohuhu double sleeping bag is guaranteed to keep you and your partner warm and cozy through the chilling night. Thanks to its weather-resistant Material. Which consists of a 210T polyester water-resistant shell with TC fabric lining and fluffy 3D cotton fillings. With these assured, you and your partner are assured that cloud-like experience.

Another great feature you should like is its portability. Because it's lightweight, you can easily pack it up for hiking and camping in no time without any fuss. The same goes for setting it up. And rolling it up once you're done camping.

Additionally, the ohuhu double sleeping bag comes with up to three plush pillows. That'll provide everyone with ample neck support. Also, this sleeping bag is odor-free. Which means you don't have to worry about toxins.

  • Can handle winter nights
  • Water and weather resistant
  • it's a 2 season sleeping bag
  • 3D cotton fillings
  • Large size (great for tall users)
  • There's a zipper on each side
  • Must not be rolled
  • Low quality zipper
  • Not really rip resistant

7. HiHiker Double Sleeping Bag - Best Sleeping Bag For Couples

Key Features

  • Size: 87" X 59"
  • Temperature limit: 32°F
  • Weight: 6lbs

If you're a hiker that threads along the mountainsides or sites with high altitude, you'll need warmth through-out the night. And the HiHiker double sleeping bag is the perfect model to ensure you and your partner don't get too cold for sleep.

The reason why this model is perfect for the coldest weather condition is its material quality. As the outer shell of the sleeping bag is water and weather resistant (special grade of polyester). On top of that, the material is quite skin friendly given it's made of 210T polyester. And its inner lining is silky, thanks to a clever combination of cotton and tetron.

With this material set up, the HiHiker double sleeping bag is rated for temperatures as low as 32°F. Making it the perfect sleeping bag for most seasons (spring, summer, and winter). Another great feature with this sleeping bag is the size. It's large enough to house both you and your 6ft partner with ease. And ample space will still be available.

Another convenient feature about this bag is its large size. So you and your partner will have ample space to move around as though it's the mattress in your bedroom. In addition to that, there's a zipper on both sides of the bag which makes it easier to leave the sleeping bag without interrupting your partner.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfectly water-resistant
  • Provides enough warmth
  • Semi flame retardent material
  • Extra pillows present
  • Zipper on Both sides
  • Machine washable
  • It's not designed to be rolled
  • Not thick enough
  • Not marketed as rip resistant
  • Foul odor

8. Cotton Flannel Bag - Best Cotton Stuffed Couple Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: 86.6" X 59"
  • Temperature limit: 32°F - 59°F
  • Weight: 6.08lbs

Traveling and hiking with your partner or family is quite a fun occasion. At least until nightfalls and everybody shivers despite the fire and the sleeping bag. Well, that problem can end now with Agemore's cotton flannel double sleeping bag. Which is large enough for tussles and turns till each of you meet his/her favorite sleeping position. 

Another reason why Agemore's cotton flannel sleeping is ideal for your cold hikes and camping is its material. As the 210T polyester sleeping bag can handle wet surfaces and cold breeze with ease all through the night. As well as condensation, sweat, and reducing humidity. Making couples camp night as warm as ever.

Apart from the other materials, Agemore's cotton flannel sleeping bag contains skin-friendly cotton stuffings. Which is responsible for the comfy cloud-like experience. Another incredible feature you would like is its ultra-lightweight. You could easily compress it well enough to fit through your loaded backpack. thus making it travel-friendly.

Also, the cotton flannel double bag has zippers on both sides. So either you and your partner can leave the sleeping station without disturbing each other.

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-like experience
  • Lightweight
  • Very travel friendly
  • Zippers on both sides
  • Can't be rolled
  • Might not be rip-resistant

9. HITORHIKE Sleeping Bag - Best Double Sleeping Bags

Key Features

  • Size: 87" X 59"
  • Temperature limit: 32°F 
  • Weight: 6.32lbs

Compared to most generics in the market, hitorhike's zip together double sleeping bag is superior. One of the features that edge it's lead is the warmth it provides. As the Hitorhike sleeping bag can keep you and your partner family warm even around hills, mountains or anywhere with a temperature of 32°F. 

And the reason why it's so effective is because of its material quality. Which is too good. Given the outer shell is made up of skin-friendly 210T polyester, that'll keep you and your partner dry all night and warm. Thanks to its high-grade textile stuffings which is a combination of tetron and cotton. Which is also present in the inner lining. At the end of the day, everybody's going to feel cozy and warm till daybreak. 

Also, the Hitorhike sleeping bag comes with two small pillows. To support your head while both you and your partner enjoy the cloud-like experience.

  • It comes with a stuff bag
  • And extra pillows
  • Skin-friendly outer shell
  • Easy to set-up
  • Could be too big

10. Coleman Tandem Adult Sleeping Bag - Best Couples Sleeping Bag

Key Features

  • Size: 81" X 66"
  • Temperature limit: 45°F
  • Weight: 9.5lbs

If your couple goals don't include hiking or camping during winter with insanely low temperatures then you should choose Coleman tandem. Because the sleeping bag can only handle temperatures as low as 45°F. Thus making great for 2 or 3 seasons. Which may include early winter as well.

Apart from being appropriately oversized, the Coleman tandem sleeping bag has a lot of uniquely designed features. Most are patented to ensure ultimate comfort.

The first feature that should catch your eye is the patented 2-way zipper which pushes the fabric aways as you zip back and forth. So you don't have to incur snags or any form of frustration. This special zipper system is known as the zip plow system.

Another deal-breaker with this sleeping bag is the other convenient features. Such as a stuff sack, Quick cord system, and roll control. The stuff sack allows you to input whichever Stuffings you may find suitable for you and your partner. Coleman tandem included a quick cord system that'll ensure easy fastening. And the sleeping bag's roll control design makes preparing for traveling a lot easier.

  • Zipplow system present
  • Very convenient design
  • 3 season bag
  • Can be rolled
  • Machine washable
  • Not great for all seasons

Benefits of a zip together sleeping bag

Here are the benefits of a zip together sleeping bag:

Convenient for Couples 

The intended design of a zip together sleeping bag is to enable couples to share a single sleep station. This is done by both users combining their sleeping bags with ease so it can form a single large sleeping bag. As though it was made for two.


One of the troubles of the ready-made couple sleeping bags is the extra weight it adds. For instance, a ready-made couple sleeping bag would take more space in your camp backpack. Thereby making it a bit heavy.

But with a zip together sleeping bag, both you and your partner can share effort given it's a detachable zip together sleeping bag. Thus, allowing you and your partner to split the work and reduce the weight stress.

Ample Space

Unlike a makeshift couple sleeping bag which could lack space, the zip together sleeping provides the space a couple would need. Enough room to twist & turn or even contain one kid.

Zippers on Both Sides 

With the zippers on both sides, you can detach your sleeping bag without interrupting your partner's sleep cycle. Thus making the zip together sleeping bag a thoughtful design.

Individual Comfort 

Unlike the ready-made couple sleeping bag, the zip together sleeping bag ensures individual Comfort. How? It offers separate hoods or pillow holders. Which is not usually present in a ready-made couple sleeping bag. As they tend to have one pillow glider or hood. 

This feature enables both you and your partner to fully enjoy a comfortable sleep without pulling or nudging about.

What To Consider When Buying a Zip Together Sleeping Bag 

Zip together sleeping bags have flooded the market to the point one can't easily tell between generics and top quality. Thankfully, we have a set of factors you should consider when buying. So you can get value for your money.

Here are Factors to consider:

Material Quality

One of the basic features any sleeping bag should have is top quality outer material. Without such, it's just a poor polyester sheet with lots of fillings. 

The outer material should be resistant enough to ensure ultimate comfort. And when talking about resistance, two things should come to mind. 

  • Water resistance
  • Rip resistance

If your zip together sleeping bag isn't water-resistant, then you and your partner are going to be very comfortable. Especially when it's cold and wet. Also, apart from the wetness, you could have another problem to worry about which is ripping and tearing. 

If your sleeping bag outer material isn't strong enough, you could end up ripping up holes which will cause the stuffing to leak. Thereby ruining your camping night. 

Note: to avoid any problem that has to do with resistance, then you should rigorously vet the quality of your sleeping bag's material. That way you don't get caught off guard after a long hike or day of camping.


Another crucial feature is size. This is one of the bases for ultimate comfort and convenience. Why? Because it has to do with the space in which you and your sleeping partner get to enjoy together or individually. It also has to do with what you can pack.

So when you shop for a zip together sleeping bag, make sure it's size can comfortably fit you and your partner whilst still having enough space.

But if you plan to backpack your camping equipment, then you may have to cut down on size and thickness. Because there might not be enough space for the sleeping bag.

Type of Stuffing 

The stuffings or fillings of a sleeping bag is responsible for the comfort you should enjoy. As it provides the warmth and plush you need for a good night's sleep. Which is why more thought should be put into selecting the right fillings for your sleeping bag. To which there are two types to choose from. They include:

  • Down fillings 
  • Synthetic fillings

Each of these types of stuffings or fillings have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it's up to you to choose which meets your requirements.

Down Fillings

For instance, the down fillings make the sleeping bag lightweight. Thus making it easy to pack. Also, it provides enough warmth which makes it great for cold regions or sites of high altitude.

But it can't go well with damp areas. As down fillings tend to absorb moisture. Another dis-merit with the down fillings is the fact that users could be allergic to such material. Which also happens to be more expensive than synthetic fillings.

Synthetic Fillings 

Unlike the down fillings, the synthetic doesn't readily absorb moisture. Making it perfect for damp regions. Also, apart from moisture, such fillings make the sleeping bag a lot more durable, when compared to the down fillings. 

The only downfall with such fillings is the weight, which is heavier than a sleeping bag with down fillings.


Sleeping bags are made with a lot of factors and features in mind. And one constant factor is temperature and seasonal rating. They're a factor that ensures comfort and convenience depending on the environment and the season. 

Brands indicate on their sleeping bags the temperature ranges in which each can thrive in. Such a form of indication or ranking is known as temperature rating.

For instance, there are sleeping bags with a four-season rating. This means comfort and convenience is ensured throughout spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Additionally, there are single-season sleeping bags that could only go great for the summer season.

Is it washable?

It's best to know how easy it is to clean your zip together sleeping bag. Is your sleeping bag machine washable? Or do you have to hand wash it? Also, For quick and easy cleaning, the machine-washable option is the best. 

The only way you would use a hand washable sleeping bag is if it possesses the mode of the features you desire. That is, compared to the possible undesirables which see machine washable. 


Q: What is the best filling for a sleeping bag?

A: you could choose synthetic, given it cheap, easy to clean, and provides more insulation than down fillings. But it doesn't last as long (as down), it's too bulky, and with down fillings, it doesn't have to be clean to work effectively. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to preference. 

Q: Can you zip sleeping bags together?

A: In order to successfully zip up your sleeping bags follow these instructions:

  • Place the sleeping bags flat on the ground or any surface, In such a way they're parallel to each other.
  • Open (unfold) the sleeping bags till you double their sizes.
  • Lay one over the other, so it's lining is synchronized well enough zip together
  • Then finally, begin to zip from the lower part of both sleeping bags.

Q: Do you need to wash a new sleeping bag?

A: a stored sleeping bag is a haven for lots of germs. It's best to clean before use. 

Q: Should you roll or stuff your sleeping bag?

A: it depends on the design of your sleeping bag. As there are some with a stuff bag and there are some that can be rolled. 

Make sure you don't do the opposite of what your manual says. That is, don't roll your sleeping bag when it has a stuffing bag. Roll unless it's advised by the maker. 

Get Yourself One Now!

The idea behind the design of the zip together sleeping bag is to ensure versatility in comfort. Especially for couples. As the zip together and zip apart feature satisfies both cuddle-hungry and space-selfish couples. Which is one of many advantages couples do get to enjoy. 

But, in order for you and your partner to enjoy anything, you first need to find your ideal sleeping bag. 

From the information we've provided for you should be able to find your pick. Either in the round-up, we've prepared or any other product you encounter in the market. As long as you follow our guidelines.

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