Coleman Weathermaster 10 Review

It’s summertime, the best season to go camping. What a time to interact with friends and family! Your clothes and sleeping gears are ready but have you found a perfect tent? You want a tent that can hold up to 10 people. It should be easy to set and dismantle and should shield you from hostile weather. Other than being spacious, it should have good airflow. Luckily, the Coleman Weathermaster tent has all those qualities. This tent has exciting features, making it worthy of investing in. Below is a Coleman Weathermaster review to help you make the right decision when buying a tent. They includes

Features of Coleman Weathermaster

So, what makes the Coleman Weathermaster outstanding among all other tents? Here are the features.

Easy to Pitch

Coleman Weathermaster is a sizable tent with a measurement of 77x 26 x 26 (cm) when packed. It has a weigh of 14.1 kg. That means you need a vehicle to help you transport it to the camping destination. After getting to the camp, you can set it, but you may take longer. That means two or more would pitch it in less than 30 minutes. Assuming the group, you are camping with has never set a tent before. Its color-coded poles and sleeves will make the setting easy. Again you can check instructions to help you pitch faster. To avoid wasting time, practice setting it before heading for camping.


It’s a challenging task finding a tent that can comfortably fit more than seven campers. Luckily, Coleman Weather is spacious enough. If you are ten people, you may consider using ten sleeping pad. The only problem is that you may not have enough space to keep your bags and other belongings. But if you’re about six, you can put on three double air mattresses and sleep soundly.


You don’t want to be buying a new tent every time you plan on camping. That’s why; investing in a durable tent is cost-saving. The fly and the tent’s material is sturdy, meaning it will give you service for some time. It has a sturdy floor, thus resistance to wear and tear. It’s perfect for summer and therefore can withstand light rain and wind. Its main poles have a steel material making them durable. If you take good care of its fiberglass pole, not to mention the shock cord, you will enjoy its service.


Overcrowding can make the air stuffy and make the tent warm. Luckily, it’s designed for the summer season and has a partial mesh ceiling. It also comes with six good-sized windows and two doors. If the air gets hot, you can open the windows and door to allow free airflow.

Weather Resistant

The fact that Coleman Weathermaster is designed for summer doesn’t mean you will soak in the rain if it rains. Its wall can withstand light rain and has a rating of 450mm. You can enhance its water-resistance; consider spraying water-guard on it. When the weather gets hot, remove the rainfly to allow free air circulation. Since it’s not created to deal with heavy rain, consider adding an extra rainfly and avoid using it during the rainy season.


Since it’s spacious, the family enjoys the comfort they require. Are you concerned about privacy? Coleman Weathermaster has two rooms meaning you can enjoy your privacy whenever you need it. You can also put in three queen-sized air mattresses to allow you to have a good sleep. Since cold may sneak in through the edges when sleeping, you can seal them with a blanket.

Additional Features

Most tents contain zippers. But this tent comes with a hinged door, making it easy for people to go in and out. Its angled windows allow free air circulation even when raining without letting water in. It has an electrical access port allowing you to plug in your socket. It has an expandable carry bag making it easy to carry it. It also has a bathtub floor and room divider.


  • Excellent for summer camping
  • It has excellent ventilation
  • Easy to pitch
  • Two rooms
  • Durable steel poles
  • Weather resistance and can withstand light rainfall
  • Functional design


  • Limited gear pocket
  • Cold during the night
  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for winter
  • Hard to replace its poles and stakes


Can I install a tent without help?

You can, but you may take longer. Note that if you lack the experience, you will have to follow the instructions. Setting a large tent alone can be challenging, especially if it’s windy. So the best option is to get help.

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Do you need to buy additional items when pitching the tent?

Luckily, the tent has all the items necessary to help you install it. But for easy pitching, there is no harm buying some tent stakes. The cold tends to sneak in at the edges of your tent. So, after getting a sleeping bag, you should also get a turf. When sleeping, place it under the sleeping bag.

How Many Mattresses Can Fit?

Three queen mattresses can comfortably fit in the tent. But be careful not to force an extra mattress since the chances of ruining the footprint are high.

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Could you be looking for a tent that can accommodate many people during the summer? Relax. Coleman Weathermaster is the perfect tent to buy. It’s ideal for ten friends or even 6-8 family members. You can put on a three queen mattress and sleep comfortably. It’s easy to pitch and its weather resistance. It has excellent weather ventilation, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. It durable, and you can enjoy its service for a longer duration. It comes with door hinges making it easy for you to go in and out. You will get privacy when using this tent thanks to its two rooms. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for winter and has a heavyweight.

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