[Dont Mistake] Best Time of Day to Hunt Coyotes

Best Time of Day to Hunt Coyotes

When coyotes increase in an area, they become a threat to livestock and pets. That’s where hunters come in; to reduce them. Hardly will people kill a coyote to get meat. In some cases, they are interested in its smooth fur.

Among the areas, you can find coyotes include Canada, North and South America. There are available in all seasons, but hunters prefer to hunt them during fall and winter. In the late fall, the young coyotes have started feeding themselves and are inexperienced. So, once you use a distress call, they will respond faster. During winter, it becomes easier to track their paw prints on the snow. But what’s the best time to hunt them?

Best Time to Hunt The Coyotes

Dusk and dawn is the best time to hunt the coyotes. They are active and are looking for a meal. They will not hesitate to grab any opportunity that arises. In case of a call or a decoy, they are likely to respond faster. Hunting in the best season and at the right time will increase your hunting success.

3 Best Coyote Calling Times

Some hunters have gotten frustrated for failing on coyote hunting missions. Even after investing in the best calls, the coyotes never responded. Could be the call was not the problem. Maybe there were no coyotes in that location, or they were not dumb to respond to such a call. If you want to succeed, consider the three best times to call coyotes. They include;

Early Fall

The young coyotes are beginning to explore and are curious about their surroundings. At this time, they are feeding on their own and would quickly respond to a rabbit distress call. Again, if you use a young coyote distress call, they would react quickly out of curiosity. The mature coyotes respond quickly to pup distress since they are protective.

Again during the fall, the temperatures become cooler. The coyote needs a lot of food to help them stay warmer. Whenever you use a rabbit/rodent distress call, they will respond faster to get food. To increases, your chances use a rabbit and pup distress call.

First Week Of December

The next best time to call the coyotes is the beginning of the winter. At the first week, the coyotes are looking for food to help them remain warm. You can use howls and yips to draw their curiosity towards the call. If you like hunting during the day, winter is the best time. Food is scarce and making them spend the rest of the day looking for the food. If you use a rabbit distress call and a decoy, they will respond faster.

The Breeding Season

Coyotes breeding season starts in January up to march. During the breeding seasons, the coyotes are excited, and you see more movements than usual. To draw the coyotes closer, use a female howl, female whimpers or even a challenge howl. Coyote is territorial and would never tolerate an invader. They will quickly respond to such a call. To make it more convincing, place a coyote decoy in a visible area.

How To Hunt Coyotes

All mature dumb coyotes are dead. You are dealing with the smart ones. Any slight mistake will make them flee from the site. Follow the steps below.

Stay Silent

Get to the site and be silent. Avoid slamming the car’s door, making phone calls, speaking to your partner, and knocking on the equipment’s.

Approach The Site Stealthily

Don’t walk majestically to the hunting site. The animal will spot you and take off. Hide with the bushes and rocks when getting to the shooting spot.

Check Their Presence

Some of their signs include paw prints, any coyote sound such as howl or droppings. You may see the coyote fur from the recent kills. You don’t want to hunt coyotes in the area where there are none.

Find A Good Spot

If you had not done a survey before, you need to find an excellent shooting position. It should give you cover and be comfortable for you to fit in. It should give you a clear view, and you should be able to camouflage in it. You should be able to put your rifle well. After settling, keep quiet as you scan the environment for 15 minutes. Use a call and if you don’t see any coyote, use the call and a decoy. If after half an hour there is no response, change the site.

Shooting The Coyote

Be humane when shooting the coyotes. One clean shot at its heart or lung is enough. Check if it’s dead first before coming near it. Check its breathing or even any movement. Skin the coyote immediately and disinfect your hands.

Hunting in The Rain

Maybe your busy schedule allows you to hunt coyotes once in a month. If you miss that day, you have to wait until next month. Unexpectedly, it rains heavily. You consider staying indoors and watch coyote hunting documentaries. But wait; is coyote hunting in the rain possible? Why don’t you try and learn?

Your experience will depend on your preparations. No one wants to ruin their expensive camera or binocular with water. Neither do you want to soak in the water and shake the entire time? The idea of your hands freezing as you wait for coyotes can be discouraging. Some myths indicate that coyotes never respond when it’s raining.

You need waterproof clothes that can camouflage in the area. Use waterproof gadgets or cover them well to avoid soaking in water. When it’s raining, some coyotes will sleep in the rain. Unlike in normal cases, you will hardly see movements.

You can position yourself before the rain stops. Since they haven’t gotten time to hunt, they will be active immediately after the storm. If you use a decoy or a call, they will readily respond to the call. If the rain is not stopping, use a call, the coyote may respond. If possible, extreme weathers are not the best time to hunt.


Hunting coyotes can be a remarkable experiment. It can also be frustrating, depending on your preparations. Hunting at the best time will increase your success rate. The best time is dawn or dusk, in winter or fall. Avoid hunting when it’s rainy. The best time to use the call is during their breeding season, the first week of December and early fall.

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