How Much Water Per Day Camping?

How Much Water per Day Camping

You may take water for granted until you go camping with less water. Remember, the essential items you require carrying when going for camping trips include a tent, medical kits, food, clothes, water, and even a sleeping bag.

So, how much water per person do you require when going camping? Before answering that question, note that different factors will influence water usage. Some of these factors include.

1. The Climate

The climatic condition of your camping site will influence your water usage. If its summer and the weather there is dry and hot, you will drink more water. You will also require washing your face or rinsing your body courtesy of excessive sweating. If you are in a humid environment, you will not drink much water.

2. Duration

How long do you intend to go camping? You require using water daily. It means that the longer you stay at the camping site, the more water you need to carry. Consider any uncertain events that can occur and make you last longer on the camping site than expected.

3. Activities

What activities are you planning to undertake in your camping period? Maybe you want to run in the morning and hike during the day. The more strenuous the activities you are undertaking, the more water you will take. You will drink even more water if you undertake the strenuous workouts in a hot environment. If you intend to relax and chat with friends, you will not require much water to drink.

4. Uses

How much water should i bring camping will depend on the intended usage. You need to drink water to remain hydrated. You wouldn’t like dehydration to interfere with your mood and performance. Cooking and personal hygiene require water. Personal hygiene includes brushing your teeth, washing, and regular cleaning of hands before eating. You can’t stay with dirty utensils lest you attract cockroaches, ants, and other creepy creatures. You need water to clean utensils. Disposable cups and plates are more convenient when camping.

Maybe you had gone with the pets. They also require clean water to drink. They may not drink as much as a human adult can take, but that doesn’t mean you should not put them into consideration.

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5. Availability of Water Sources

Before planning to go on a camping trip, you need to know how near the water source is to the camping site. Suppose the water source is near, then you don’t require carrying much water. Note that even if there is a water source near the camping site, you can’t trust that water 100 percent. You have to carry some clean water for drinking and cooking. Imagine getting to the site without water; then, you realize that a construction company nearby has diverted the water source.

It’s also good to carry a water purifier just if the water you had taken ends, and you need water to drink. You can purify the water and use it for all the purposes. Know how near the town is from your camping site. If the water ends, you can rush to the nearby town and fetch some. If you are camping in the desert, getting a water source will be a challenging task. So, plan well before you get dehydrated for taking less water.

6. Number of People

The number of people accompanying you when going camping will also determine how much water you have to carry. The more the people, the more the water you require carrying. If you have children, they will use less water than adults. If you go camping with adults, you will have to assume that they will use the water equally.

7. Means of Transport

If you intend to drive to your desired destination, you can park enough gallons of water in your car. But if you want to walk and hike to your camping site, you will drink a lot of water but will not carry much water.

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8. The Type of Food

Are you planning on cooking food that contains water, maybe soup? If you intend to eat dry food, it means that that you will require to drink a lot of water. You can’t afford to dehydrate while camping.

So, back to the question, how much water per day camping? Note that the car has limited space, and you may not carry a whole water tank. Again, you better bring excess water than less water. One gallon of water for drinking for each person is okay. Under normal circumstances, people should take at least two little’s of water each day. But when camping in a hot environment and performing vigorous activities, they can quickly drink a whole gallon of water.

Again you require adding another gallon per person of water to cater to other needs each day. So when calculating the total amount of water that you will require, multiply 2 gallons by the number of people and the number of days you intend to spend at the camping site.


When deciding on the amount of water you require carrying, you must consider a few factors. They include the climate of your camping site. The hotter the location, the more water you need to carry. The mean of transport matters. If you are hiking to your destination, you can’t carry a lot of water. But if you are driving to your destination, you can carry as much water as you require. The type of food you will be eating at the camping site matters. If you eat dry food, then you must take much water to remain hydrated. The number of people you will camp with and the availability of water sources are other determinants. The higher the number of people and the far the water source is, the more the water you require to carry. If the water source is near, don’t forget to bring a water purifier. The activities and uses are other factors. So, carry two gallons for each person, and then multiply it with the number of days you intend to take.

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