How to Attach Sleeping Bag to Backpack?

How to Attach Sleeping Bag to Backpack

If you’re lucky enough to get an opportunity to take a glance inside the backpack of a traveler, then you may see almost the entire household stuff into it. No, it is not a funny thing to laugh at as you cannot assume what may not require on a trip. In fact, at the time of packing, there are a lot of small things that come to a traveler’s mind which may come in need on a trip.

But if one is going for a camping trip then along with food and other objects the thing that is most essential and cannot be ignored is the sleeping bag. This is useful stuff that allows you to take a good sleep during the trip even in hostile conditions.

The Beginning

No, a sleeping bag is not smaller stuff that you don’t have to think twice to put it inside. It is one of the larger ones that require a major part of the backpack and it may be difficult for you to set it inside properly. Besides, if you could manage to put it in, then it would be hardly enough space left to put the other essential things inside. Therefore, you must have a clear idea about the way to attach the sleeping bag to your backpack. If you’re not confident enough about this, then here it is, a simplest and effective way which should be followed to do the job quite easily.

Using Straps and Loops

Most of the backpacks come with loops and straps and many of you hopefully didn’t have any idea why they are for until this necessity comes to you. Before doing the job the sleeping bag should be rolled up tightly. Then you have to get the straps through the loops, and fix the loops with the sleeping bag, and then pull the straps tightly. In this way, if you have to move fast, or jump, even dive, your sleeping bag will remain there.

But there is some kind of backpacks which don’t have any loops and straps. In that case, you have to attach loose straps separately to get this benefit.

Packing The Sleeping Bag Inside

Packing the sleeping bag inside the backpack is a better idea for having several benefits. First of all, at the sleeping time you wish to find the bag dry. Keeping it outside the backpack means you may find it wet and cold, and you have to spend some extra hours to make it warm and dry once again. After a daylong tough challenge both physically and mentally you never expect to face this situation at all.

But you may not find enough space in every type of the backpack so that you can keep the sleeping bag inside. Today, most of the backpacks come with zippers so that you can make it smaller or bigger as you require. Even there is some which are specifically designed with a chamber inside to place a sleeping bag.

If that so then all you need to roll the bag horizontally, fold tightly, and then cover it up with any waterproof bag. Now you can place the sleeping bag inside your backpack both horizontally or vertically as per the shape and size of your bag.

Using An External Frame for Tying

The external frame is generally used to provide necessary support to the backside, it also keep the structure of the backpack intact, even it helps to carry some extra load.

But if you have an external frame then you can fix the bag with your backpack quite easily. To do this job, the ties that you may see on the backpack must be taken in use. These ties help you to fix the frame to the backpack. If you see at the bottom of your backpack you’ll find more ties there. The bag can be bound with the backpack using those ties nicely. After finishing the job you should check twice to see that every point of the ties are tied up properly. This ensures you that the frame may not loosened up and fall apart leaving you a great trouble while you’re hiking or travelling

Using An Internal Frame

On the other hand, if your backpack has an internal frame which forms a cylindrical chamber inside, it means you’re lucky enough to have a backpack that has a compartment for the bag inside. You have to roll the bag tightly with no moisture in and then place it into the compartment. It will help the bag to remain dry.

Using An Elastic Waist for Tying

Using a frame for tying a sleeping bag with your backpack is not the one; you can use an elastic waist or a rope for this purpose. In fact, many travelers or hikers prefer this as it requires just a waist or a rope only. But you have to be more careful about a few things while doing the job unless you may have to face some problems later.

At first, while tying the sleeping bag on the top or the bottom of your backpack make sure it is tightly fixed and cannot be loosened up easily. Then, you must look that the zipper areas must be left free, otherwise, it’ll be a problem to lock or unlock the zipper. 

Using A Compression Buckles for Fixing

Compression buckles are commonly seen in most of the backpacks. These are mainly used to provide support in case of over-packed. These objects can be used to secure the sleeping bag too. The buckles work well to hold the bag properly as they are spaced perfectly along the sides of the bag don’t allow the bag to swing.

Using The Lid on The Top

You may find a lid on every top of your backpack fixed with a string. This is mainly used to tighten your backpack with the string once your packing is done. This can also be used to attach a sleeping bag with your backpack. To make this possible, all you need to place the bag on the top and tighten it with the same string. But you should not leave any gap between the lid and the bag unless you may face moisture problems later.

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Following Improvising Technique

All the methods that I’ve discussed so far are the formal and usual ways to attach a sleeping bag with your backpack. But things may be not the same and not in your favor always. Sometimes you may find yourself in a hostile situation and you have to the job at any cost, then you have to dig out some unique ideas from your brain.    

To make the job possible with limited resources, you have to arrange 4 twines and use 2 of them to tie around the bag, and the rest of 2 are used to connect the bag securely with your backpack. In this way, you won the battle and now you can easily carry the bag along with all the necessary objects and stuff that you consider as the vital things for your hiking and long journeys as well.

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Where to Tie The Bag?

Though you can attach your bag anywhere to your backpack, most of the hikers prefer to rest it on the top of it. This makes your walking or hiking quite comfortable. Besides, placing it on the top means you can save the bag from getting dirty. But you have to put it into a waterproof bag to keep it dry in the rain. Moreover, keeping the bag on the top of the backpack helps you to avoid pain in the lower back of your body as you have to carry the whole arrangement while walking miles or trekking high hills.

How to Store The Sleeping Bag

If you have any such stuff that definitely going to be the most vital object for a certain purpose, then you’ll be equally conscious about keeping it safe. For instance, once your camping or hiking is over you have to unfold all the stuff and store them safely for further use. Especially, the sleeping bag should be kept in a closet to keep the bag safe from dirt and moisture.

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How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack is not scientific research. You can attach the bag to your backpack wherever you feel convenient, or there are some other ways but through this article, we have tried to explore some better ideas that may be helpful for you to do the job easily. If you go through this article, you can see that very few other things are referred to use to manage the fixing job. All the objects that you need for this job have already come with the backpack or the sleeping bag.

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Finally, as all the good things once have to come to an end, for me also it’s time to say good bye to all of you. Enjoy your trip, be safe, and don’t forget to wear a mask.  

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