How To Connect Two Tents Together? – Fully Explained

How to Connect Two Tents Together?

After reconnecting with your old boys, you have decided to go camping to catch up. You can't wait to know their progress ten years after campus. Two friends are serious campers and have tents. They offer to provide tents, and you decide to cater for food. Everyone offers to bring something. To make the camping interesting, you decide on various enjoyable activities you will undertake during the day and catch-up at night. Everything is going well until you decide to catch up at night. Each tent is too small to hold all of you. An idea of joining them sneaks in, but is joining the two even possible?

Unless you are using tents that connect together, you will have a challenge connecting the two. Maybe their sizes and designs are different. If you apply a little bit of your creativity, then you can achieve your desires. If you have no idea
How To Connect Two Tents Together, here is the secret.

1. Tents That Connects

As the popularity of camping increases, the outdoor industry has increased its innovation. They know the challenges people face when camping as a family and have no chance to interact well since they have many small tents. As a result, they are making tents that you can connect.

If you have two or even more tents, you can easily connect them using the zip. Another name for these small tents is a pod. Assuming you have a lot of stuff and have no space for keeping them. Instead of leaving them in a separate tent and sleeping in another, why don't you connect these pods? You will sleep in the same room with your goods and have peace of mind that your valuables are safe.

The main limitations with these tents are that these pods should come from the same brand. You can't join a pod from one brand with another from a different brand, courtesy of their design difference. Again thanks to their connective features, you will have to dig your pockets deeper.

2. Zip And Clip Doors

You didn't know that there exist some tents designed to fit together. But luckily, the tents that you have contain the same brand and size. This is the ideal method to join the two tents. Do the tents have single or double entrance? The method is perfect if both or even one tent has two doors.

So, how do you join the tents? Set the tents to face each other. Grab the zips of the two doors and zip them together. If the zip leaves some space, water will leak in. That's where the clip comes in. Start by getting high-quality clips since fake ones will damage your tent. Some people prefer plastic clips since they are durable and can't damage your tent. Clip any excess material where the rain can get in.

Even after connecting the two tents, the chances of water leaking through the joints are high. Since you don't want moisture to mess your valuables and make you freeze, use a tarp. Cover the joined areas with a tarp to lock out water. Unfortunately, insects can find a way to crawl in the tent. If you don't use a tarp, water can easily leak in.

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3. Using Tarp 

Maybe you didn't carry some clips, and the brand, size, and design of the available tents are different. Does that mean the mission of connecting the tents is impossible? Luckily, that's not the case. Start by setting the two tents on a parallel line. You should have a cord and tarp with you. Start by running the cord over your tent and tighten it. Since you don't want the wind to blow it away, use stakes. Cover the two entrances using a tarp and keep it in place using a stake.

How do you deal with the long hallway entrance? Use a long tarp and a strong cord? You can prevent the tarp from sagging by supporting it with strong objects. After connecting camping tents, enjoy some privacy while still interacting with others.

4.  Covering a Small Tent Door

If you have a large tent and a small tent, then this method is perfect. You can create a large room enough to hold your friends or family. So, what do you do? You need small tents that connect to canopy. Ensure the large tent is at the center. Ensure that the door of your small tent is inside the large tent wall. Seal the wall with a clip or tarp. You can fit many tents depending on how removable the wall is. Just like the other options above, joints can allow water to sneak in. You seal the gaps using a tarp or even a rainfly.

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Disadvantages of Connecting Tents

Though connecting the tents give you a large room to reconnect with others and feel at home, it comes with challenges. Some of the challenges include-;

Wind - When setting each tent individually, the chances of the wind destroying it is low. But once you interconnect them, the wind can easily mess up with it.

Expensive - The more the tent you want to connect together, the more it will cost you. Think of the tents meant to connect; they are expensive compared to regular tents.

Take time - You to have lots of activities and limited time. You will have to sacrifice some activities to connect these tents.

No privacy - If you cherish privacy, then joining the tents interferes with it. You will have to stay in a clouded environment.

Leakage - Failure to fix them properly puts you at the risk of leakage. You would have to use the tents meant to connect.

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The lack of a large tent should never hinder you from interacting with friends and family. Depending on the tents available, you can use different ways to join them. If you have a small and a large tent, then covering a small tent door method can fit. You can connect the tents with different brands and design using a cord and tarp. If the tents have a similar size and brand, connect them with a zip and clip any excess material. Seal the gaps with a tarp. Alternatively, buy the tents designed to connect.

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