How to hang a hammock with posts?

How to hang a hammock with posts

Your camping adventure isn't complete if you don't have a hammock. How will you relax and breathe fresh air? As you lie and listen to the sweet singing of the birds, your stress will vanish, and your nerves will cool. You can use a hammock as a tent alternative though you have to carry items such as tarps to keep off the rain.

The challenge comes if you lack any idea on how to hang a hammock with posts. Remember, there is no guarantee that your camping ground has large trees. Failure to get a structure that will hold your hammock safely can lead to a serious fall. You have no time to nurse injuries when camping. After all, you came to enjoy. To avoid the dramatic fall, check the secret of hanging the hammock below.

Hanging The Hammock With The Posts

Maybe you are used to camping in the wood, and hanging the hammock on the trees isn't an issue. You recently changed your camping site, and to your shock, there are no large trees enough to hold your hammock. The alternative would be to use a post. You can decide to use removable posts meaning once you are through, you can remove them. You can also fix them in a way that you don't intend to remove them. Here is the process;

1. Dig The Hole

Dig the hole depending on if the campsite is sandy or not. If it's sandy, dig six more inches deeper. Normally, you should dig a hole of 24 inches under the normal ground. That means you will have to dig 30 inches deeper. Its diameter should be double that of your post.

What kind of posts should you choose? Get two poles with a diameter of 6 inches and the size of 4*6 inches. Check the condition of the poles and ensure that none have cracks. Use a Post hole digger to dig the hole. If it's not available, a shovel would be another alternative.

2. Drill The Hook Then Stand The Post

Few inches from the end of your posts, drill a hole. You need to put some hooks to help you hang your hammock. Place the pole in the hole and ensure that the hook faces the right direction. Support the post with concrete. To the concrete firm, wet and leave it.

3. Hang The Hammock

Get some quality straps and hang your hammock. Note that if there is a strong tree, dig a hole 14 inches from the trees. Use the post and the trees to support your hammock.

Tying A Hammock On The Tree

Assuming there are two trees, do you know how to tie a hammock to a tree? The process is easy since you don't have to dig the hole.

a. Safety First 

Read the instructions to understand how you should hang a hammock.

b. Pick The Right Tree.

Picking a weak tree is a mistake you will regret long. Once the tree break, you will fall in a way that you will narrate to your grandchildren. Ensure that the trees are opposite each other and have a reasonable distance. Check if there is any sign of rotting or even cracking. Only use a tree that is strong enough to withstand the weight.

c. Determine The Size

How long should your hammock be from the ground? Eighteen inches is the best level. Short people may not manage to climb on the hammock placed on a higher height. You may fall when climbing down the hammock.

d. Tie a Ridge Rope

You need a strong cord when tying the hammock. If you directly tie it, the chances of damaging the hammock are high. Again it may not sag pleasantly; thus, you can easily get backache. Knowing how to install a hammock will protect you from such complications. The ridgeline helps you to add tarp thus protecting you and your valuables from rain. It joins the tree and the hammock.

e. Tying The Right Knots

Knowing how to hang hammock will help you make a reliable hammock. You need to know different knots when tying your hammock. Note after tying some knots, untying them will be tough. In this case, tie a bowline knot, wrap it around the tree. When pulling the cord, ensure that it passes through the loop of your cord. The second tree uses the other side to make a taunt-line hitch to secure the other tree and tighten it.

You already know how to put up a hammock either on trees or even at the post. Take these precautionary measures seriously. They include-;

  1. Avoid Swinging - Don't try to swing with the hammock to avoid a "historical" fall. Swinging will also affect the material of the hammock resulting in premature wear out.
  2. Weight - Avoid putting excessive weight on your hammock if you want it to last longer. If the weight exceeds 205 kg, don't place it on the hammock.
  3. Watch Over The Kids - If you want the kids to enjoy sleeping on the hammock, keep a close look at them. Other than risking falling when playing, they can also ruin the hammock as they swing.

N/B After buying a hammock, you might be concerned that its length is smaller. Don't worry since it will enlarge as you begin to use it.


The proper setting of your hammock will protect you from falling and help you enjoy camping. If you fail to get a tree, use some supportive posts. Know the process of installing the hammock on the post and the tree. Safety is important when hanging your hammock. Start by reading the manual and checking the condition of your post and tree. Ignore the trees with the cracks and weak ones. Know different knots that you require to know when hanging the hammock. Avoid swinging with it or even adding unnecessary weight. Note that it may not be very long at first, but with time, it will expand.

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