How to Heat a Tent with a Candle?

How to Heat a Tent with a Candle

Serious campers don’t mind the season. They have known different tactics of surviving even in extreme conditions. But for a newbie, camping in winter can leave you with traumatizing memories. But if you take the appropriate measures, it will be one of the best lifetime adventures.

Come to think of the cold weather; maybe it’s drizzling, snowing, and strong winds are blowing all over. The camping site is in the park, and there is no electricity. Meaning you can’t use any electric tool to heat your tent. That leaves you with one option, heat the tent with a candle. If you are a regular camper, the method isn’t new to you. But for a newbie, this method may come as a surprise. Learning how to heat a tent with a candle is vital. It will save you from shivering the entire night, especially if you have no other option.

With the advancement in technology, modern candles can serve a different purpose. If you don’t have electricity or there is a power outage, a candle will provide light. If you use a candle latent, it will warm your tent and prevent condensation from building up. It gives some warmth of 10-15 degrees. Candle heaters such as the deluxe model of UCO provide you with the option of warming some food and even water.

But again, you must be cautious when using a candle in a tent. Note that if there are strong winds, lighting a candle can be a tricky affair. You can still use it, but you will have to insulate the tent by covering the exterior with a rainfly. Assuming the tent is not flameproof; the tent may catch fire or get huge holes if you accidentally drop the candle. You can’t ignore the aspect of carbon monoxide which open flames produce. So, take caution and never leave in unattended by sleeping and leave it on.

How to Heat Your Tent

If you intend to camp during the winter season, here is how to make a tent heater using tea lights. Get four good-sized longer-burning tea lights and place them on a fireproof container in a ventilated flat space. Cover the tea lights with small clay flower pots. Seal any hole to prevent the heat from escaping. Again, on top of the little clay flower pot, add a large clay flower pot and don’t seal the hole. Thanks to the rapid heat coming from the small pot through the large one, a conventional current will warm the place.

Heating The Tent Without Electricity

Most camping sites hardly have electricity. That makes it hard to go with an electric heater. You can’t rely on a candle alone to keep you warm. What if there is a strong wind blowing the candle off? Do you have a plan b that will help you remain warm? Here is the secret on how to heat a tent without electricity. You will stay warm and enjoy your outdoor adventure.

1. Insulate Your Tent

If you sleep on the tent floor, chances of freezing at night are high. So instead, put a fitting tarp beneath the tent floor. Again cover the tent with a rainfly to protect it from strong winds. You can use a sleeping mat or even sleep in a sleeping bag. When going for a sleeping bag, mummy would be a better option. Check the rating and, if possible, carry two sleeping bags. Don’t fail to create or find a natural windbreaker to protect your tent from strong winds.

2. Hot Water Bottle

It’s a temporary solution to warm your sleeping bag. You should boil water before sleeping and put it in a water bottle. Place it in the sleeping bag, but not near your torso. You don’t want to end up with kidney complications later. Be careful not to sleep on it while you turn. Note that you can’t use this method to heat the tent.

3. Use A Smaller Tent

If you are camping alone, there is no need to carry a huge tent. Get a small one that you can heat faster. Again it retains the heat longer, helping you remain warm. Though large tents are comfortable during summer, they are not a good option in the winter season. You may not have the time or resources to insulate the tent. So, why don’t you invest in a 4 season tent? It’s well-insulated; thus, it’s able to withstand the extreme condition. The strong wind won’t ruin it, and it traps heat in and keep moisture out.

4. Dress And Eat Properly

By dressing properly, it means wearing clothes that will make you warm. Other than warm pajamas, your hands and feet may get numb at night. So wear gloves, warm socks, and a heavy hat. Don’t forget to wear thermal underwear.

If you eat well, your body will generate heat and help you to stay warm. Be careful with drinks at night. You don’t want to wake up from the comfort of your warm sleeping bag to go and pee. Getting warm again may take time.

5. Heat Some Stones

You can heat some stones in a campfire and place them near your sleeping bag or the corners of your tent. If you heat large rocks, they will take longer to heat. So, the best option is to get river rocks weighing about 1-2 pounds. When using this method, people struggle to carry the hot rocks from the fire to the tent. The easiest way would be to carry them with an aluminum baking pan.

6. Setting The Tent On The Campfire

Does that sound crazy? Assuming you have no insulator and no sleeping bag, how will you survive the cold? This method comes as the last option since you will have to put off the fire earlier or pitch the tent late at night. Dig a trench and light fire. Put much firewood and enjoy its warmth. When you want to sleep, cover the trench with soil. Pitch your tent on top. The ground will produce enough heat to keep you warm for a long.


Failure to take appropriate measures when going camping in winter may turn out to be a nightmare. But with the right tactics, you will have a memorable experience. You can use a candle to heat your tent and insulate your tent. You should dress properly to remain warm.

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