How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping?

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

With the many attention-drawing tussles and hustles of the 21st century, life can be very arduous. Human beings take a camping trip as one of the ways to unwind from these hustles. When you go camping, you get an opportunity to interact with nature. The beauty of nature is that it provides great refreshment from the stresses of life. Unfortunately, other small inhabitants can curtail this enjoyment within the camping site –bugs and mosquitoes. Are you wondering how to keep mosquitoes away while camping? Then, read on. Some of the very notorious bugs include mosquitoes, spiders, bees, and ants, among others. You can arm yourself with a saddle and slap a spider, but how will you deal with tens of thousands of blood-sucking mosquitoes?

Checking the tips below may save you from the pangs of these bugs.

Prior Preparation

Are you going for a camping exploration for the first time? Ignoring preparing on how to deal with bugs becomes a recipe for disaster in your trip. Bugs such as mosquitoes and bees inflict you with itchy bites. These bites can be a nuisance to your entire stay at the camping site and may also cause diseases. Thus, before you leave for the camping, know how you can keep off from the terrorizing mosquitoes.

1. Avoid Their Breeding Ground.

Instead of finding the solution of repelling the mosquitoes, why don’t you avoid them? If you camp near their breeding zone, you will curse the day you planned to go camping. The mosquitoes breed on the stagnant water such as lakes and swamps. Tall grasses and lots of rubbish also create a nice environment for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these nagging creatures may mistake your sweaty warm skin for stagnant water. If you camp near their breeding ground, get ready for real horror.

2. Avoid Scented Perfumes

No one hates smelling good. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes love the scents and wouldn’t mind biting the body producing such scent. You can opt to sacrifice the sweet scent and save yourself from the mosquito bites.

3. Know When They Come

Unfortunately, mosquitoes never remain in their breeding ground. They travel for long distances looking for food. If they land on your camp, you have to be prepared on when to expect them. Once you know that they launch their attacks at night, arm yourself in advance.

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4. They like Light and CO2

When enjoying the campfire, the carbon dioxide will invite the mosquitoes. Though they will keep their distance courtesy of the heat, they will wait until you get to the tent. Once you turn on your flashlight, they will surround you ready to attack. So, turn off the light if you are not using it.

Now that you already know what to avoid, how do you keep them away? Check the tips below.

How To Repel Mosquitoes

Luckily, the outdoor industries have invented various ways of dealing with these annoying little creatures. Some of these ways include-;

1. Keep The Campsite Clean

After getting a good camping site away from the breeding zone, you have the responsibility of keeping the campsite clean. Avoid leaving dirty dishes on the camping sink. Avoid leaving any uncovered water since it will attract mosquitoes. Cover the food bin since food will attract other animals. Avoid eating inside the tent since the creepy insects will get in the tent to correct the food particles.

2. Use The Right Gear

Another tip on how to keep bugs away while camping is by having the right gear. Whether you are using a hammock or even a tent, you need a bug net. When looking for a bug net, buy the one that you can easily assemble. Sleeping under the net will protect you from bugs.

3. Waterproof Mosquito’s Repellant

You can try waterproof deep-based sprays. Spray on your clothes and the tent. The advantage of using the waterproof spray is that even if it rains, the spray will remain strong, thus keeping the mosquitoes away.

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4. Shut The Tent Doors

It would be best if you never left the doors of your tent open. Otherwise, you will be inviting the unwanted nagging creatures. Being able to shut yourself in the tent is a good protective measure. You can enjoy the comfort once you lock the unwanted creatures from accessing your tent.

5. Garlic Capsules

Smearing garlic on your skin to repel mosquitoes might not be an interesting idea. Luckily, there is an easy way out; taking garlic capsules. Mosquitoes hate the smell of the garlic. So, once your skin pores produce the garlic smell, mosquitoes take off.

6. Bug-Repellant Bracelets.

Some commercial repellant may contain harmful chemicals that may harm your skin. Again, your skin may be sensitive, and some products may have some irritating effects. The next best alternative camping mosquito repellent is the bug-repellant bracelet. You don’t have to put it on your wrist; you can place it around an object near you. The chemicals it produces will help to drive out the bugs.

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7. Foods Bud Hates

Mosquitoes can’t stand the smell of onions, garlic, lemons, and even the citrus fruits. But what quantity will you eat to repel these creatures? Applying the onions on your skin is a good solution. No mosquito will like to bite a skin with such an awful smell.

8. Essential Oils

Another natural way on how to repel mosquitoes while camping is by burning some essential oils. They will release some natural substances that will keep off the mosquitoes. Other than essential oils, also consider burning some fresh and dried herbs. They have the same effect as the essential oils.


Don’t allow bugs to ruin your camping trip. To protect yourself, start by avoiding mosquitoes breeding zones. Then, ensure that the camping site remains clean. Never leave the door of your tent open. You can take some garlic capsules or even smear your skin with the food that mosquitoes hate on your skin. You can also burn essential oils or even some dried herbs. Waterproof repellant is also another better alternative. If you don’t like applying mosquito repellants products on your skin, use mosquito repellant bracelets.

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