How To Make a Sleeping Bag Warmer?

How to Make a Sleeping Bag Warmer

You are excited since this is your first time camping during winter. But have you prepared to deal with the chilly weather that can interfere with your sleep? Camping won’t be enjoyable if you freeze to death. You are not worried since you had come in a sleeping tent. After sleeping for a few hours, you realize that you are freezing. Do you light the campfire and warm yourself, or are there ways on how to make a sleeping bag warmer? Luckily, you can sleep comfortably in your warm sleeping bag once you apply these techniques.

1. Wash The Sleeping Bag

A serious camper may be too busy to wash the sleeping bag. After all, you are really at home. The sleeping bag is fluffy; hence it’s able to absorb the heat and keep you warm. Once the oil and moisture accumulate, they reduce the fluffiness; hence it will not trap enough heat. As a result, you will freeze through the night. So before going camping, check the condition of your sleeping tent and wash it.

2. Carry The Right Gear

Naturally, your body keeps on producing heat. Some heat gets absorbed by the cold air around you, while the ground will absorb the rest. So, how do you trap this air to help you remain warm throughout the night? The following items would be useful;

a. Thermal Liner

If you have the liner, it will trap the heat and keep you warm. Other than trapping the heat, the liner keeps your sleeping bag clean; thus, oil and moisture won’t clump together. During summer, you can sleep with the liner alone.

b. Sleeping Pad

One way on how to sleep in a sleeping bag and remain warm is by putting the sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag. When you produce heat, the sleeping pad will absorb the heat back to you. Remember, the ground normally sucks your heat when you sleep next to it. You can add the barrier further by adding a blanket.

c. Tent

Since the cold air around you will absorb your heat, ensure the air around you isn’t cold. You can achieve that by getting a small tent. It will trap the heat and prevent the wind from blowing around you. When sleeping in a sleeping bag inside the tent, you feel warm compared to if you were in the open.

d. Mummy Sleeping Bag

Getting a sleeping bag that has a smaller size is another way of remaining warm. A larger sleeping bag will allow a lot of heat to sneak out. Mummy is the perfect sleeping bag in the winter season.

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3. Eat A Snack/ Enough Food

You can eat snacks or even a good portion of food. Your body will produce much heat when digesting. If you’re in the sleeping bag, the liner will absorb the heat and keep you warm the entire night. Excess food can cause indigestion problems causing you to go to the bathroom many times. You should never ignore the call of nature. If you do, your body will get colder, urging you to release your bladder.

4. Warm Yourself

Before going to bed, warm your clothes first. If possible, do some exercises to help your body produce some heat. When you get in the sleeping bag, your body will not strain to produce heat; instead, it will maintain the already available heat.

5. Warm Bottle/Stones

Before getting to bed, heat some stones. Let them cool first before tying the stones with a sock. You can place them in your sleeping bag to help you remain warm. Handle the stones with caution since they can burn you. Alternatively, you can pick the hot stones using a pan and place them in the tent next to the sleeping bag.

The best way to stay warm in a sleeping bag is by putting a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag. Before getting to the bed, heat the water, and pour it into the water bottle. Seal it well since you wouldn’t risk the bottle leaking hot water in the sleeping bag. Either of the methods will help you to remain warm.

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6. Body Warmth

Is your lover near? Why should you feel the cold alone? Get a sizable sleeping bag that both of you can fit in. Your bodies will produce much heat, and the sleeping bag will trap it. The warmth will circulate in the sleeping bag; thus, you will remain warm.

7. Wear The Right Clothes

Get some dry clothes. The moisture in cold clothes can make you freeze. You need some thermal underwear to trap the heat and help you keep warm. If you fail to cover your head, then you will lose much heat through your head. You require a hat, especially if the sleeping bag that you’re using lacks a hood. Get some warm socks and gloves.

Ignore the myth that suggests that sleeping naked helps to trap more heat. Instead, sleep with more clothes, provided they will not make you sweat. Remember, sweat produces moisture that will make you feel cold. The clothes should not interfere with the sleeping bag insulation.

Since you don’t want to affect the insulation, place the jacket over your sleeping bag. It will create an additional layer to help trap more heat. If you enjoy moving around at night, then the jacket method won’t work. You can also place the bin bag over your tent but be careful since condensation may occur.


You should never fail to go camping for fear of freezing at night. You can adopt various techniques to help you remain warm for the entire night. Besides wearing dry, warm clothes, you can add warm stones or even a hot water bottle to your sleeping bag. Also, place the sleeping pad in the sleeping bag to create a barrier between the ground and the sleeping bag. That will ensure that you don’t lose lots of heat to the ground. Eat a snack or some food for the body to generate enough heat. Don’t fail to visit the washroom if need be. Wear a hat to cover your head if the sleeping bag lacks a hood.

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