How to Make Camping More Comfortable?

How to Make Camping More Comfortable?

There are many luxurious hotels that you can visit and enjoy your weekend. But why should anyone desire to go camping? A first-time camper could have many questions about why camping is popular; the answer is simple. Where else will you enjoy the fresh air as you interact with Mother Nature? It also provides an opportunity to interact with friends/family, thus building a strong relationship. You get a chance to meditate and make critical decisions. You exercise, bask on the sun; enjoy good food, not to mention a good sleep.

You are already wondering if it’s possible to eat good food and sleep comfortably in the tent. The answer is yes. Think of this, if you enjoy hunting or even fishing, you will eat fresh meat without preservatives. There are nice fresh wild fruits that you can eat. Good sleep will depend on the preparations you had made before coming. Knowing how to make camping more comfortable will make your camping adventure interesting and leave you with lifetime memories. So, how do you increase comfort?

1. Proper Planning

a. Plan on The Destination

The secret on how to make tent camping comfortable is proper planning. When planning, think of your destination. You have to ensure that the facility provides things like nice bathrooms, nicely leveled and dry ground for pitching your tent and maybe a fire ring. When going with friends, you wouldn’t mind a camping ground that has a picnic table to enjoy. Also, check if there is a water source nearby.

b. Consider The Weather

When planning, the weather is a major consideration. Note that camping in extreme weathers will require much effort to get comfortable. Maybe you can avoid camping in the cold season and wait for summer. But if you still want to camp during a winter season, carry the right gear.

Change of weather can harm you. So, why don’t you consider a camping ground that is near your home to ensure that you remain in the same weather? Be flexible when setting the dates.

2. Packing The Right Gear

If you carry the right gear, your comfort is assured. So what are the camping comfort ideas you should have in mind when packing?

a. A Good Sleep

How can you be comfortable when sleeping on the ground? There are many ways you can enhance your comfort. Here is what to pack.

  1. Tent – tent will protect you from rain, winds and even keep animals away from you. Consider carrying a tarp to ensure that the tent remains dry, especially if the weather is cold.
  2. Sleeping Bag – If it’s cold; a Mummy sleeping bag will help you remain warm the entire night. If it’s too cold, add a blanket on top. You can also consider carrying air mattress and few blankets.
  3. Sleeping Pad – When you place the sleeping pad under your sleeping bag, you will enjoy the comfort and sleep well. On top, get a pillow and feel like you are in a real bed.
  4. Eye Mask – Are you an early riser? If not, you wouldn’t mind sleeping in the morning. Unfortunately, the sun rays may interfere with your sleep. If you have an eye mask, you are glad you came with it.

You can practice in advance how to use some of those gears such as setting the tent. Also, check how comfortable the sleeping bag is if you’re a first-timer.

b. Food and Drinks

So, what will you eat when camping? When packing here are some important things to carry-;

  1. A camping stove and a pot to help you cook.
  2. Snacks – After vigorous activities you may feel hungry. If you came with snacks, then you will enjoy the activities.
  3. Spices – You would like to enjoy food just like the way you do at home. So, why don’t you carry the right spices?
  4. Cafeteria – Taking a mug of coffee keeps you refreshed the rest of the day. If Cafetiere isn’t available a coffee maker is okay. Consider carrying an insulated mug to ensure that your drinks remain at the right temperature.

N/B Food attracts animals such as a bear. Since you don’t want an unexpected visitor, keep the food off your tent. Other than bear, ants and other insects will get in to eat.

Once you arrive at the camp, here are more tips on how to enhance the comfort. They include-;

3. Get The Right Site

Use the site that other campers have always used. It should be leveled and clear of debris and stones. The site should be under a shade to protect the tent from UV rays and next to an obstacle. The obstacle will protect it from strong winds.

4. Dealing With Cold Temperature

If it’s cold, keep on drinking warm drinks. Wear warm clothes, a hat and gloves. When sleeping, you require long clean pants, socks and a hat. Eat high calories snacks to help you produce enough heat.

5. Using A Hammock

After exercise, you won’t mind to relax and read a book or even sleep. Other than sleeping on the tent, a hammock would be an amazing option. You will relax and enjoy your moment.

6. Remaining Comfortable At Night

Empty your bladder at least two times. You wouldn’t like going to the bathroom at night. Ensure that your tent is organized and there are no obstacles in the entrance. Remember, when nature calls, you have no option but to respond. It would be bad knocking on something when going to the loo, and then you fall and urinate on yourself. When sleeping, ensure that you have a bottle of water near your head. So, if you get thirsty, you can grab it and drink. Have some saddles next to your sleeping bag just in case you have to go out. A headlamp or even a flashlight should be near you.

How will you deal with the nagging mosquitos and other insects? Use insect repellants and enjoy your warm sleep.

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7. Solar-Powered Portable Speaker

And what is camping without some cool refreshing music? Get a solar-powered portable speaker and dance with your friends in the woods. When going for different activities, let the device charge.


With the right preparations, camping can be the best experience you ever had. Of course, if you don’t prepare adequately, it can become a nightmare. So, start by choosing the right destination and consider the weather. Pack the right gear before heading to your camping destination. Enjoy your camping adventure.

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