How To Pack A Tent In A Backpack?

How To Pack A Tent In A Backpack

Your long-awaited vacation is around the corner, and you are contemplating going for a hike. Your friends keep on reminding you to get ready. Among the things, you are shopping for include a good tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack, among other items.

Hiking can be enjoyable if you are carrying a lighter load. But if you take a bag more than 30 per cent of your body weight, you may never want to hike again. So, when shopping for the items that you need, ensure that they are not too heavy. Remember you will have to carry all the things you require in a backpack.

Here are the features of a good backpack:

  1. It should be big enough to accommodate the items you intend to carry.
  2. The backpack should have an external frame to provide enough space to accommodate all the things you need.
  3. Shop for an extra waterproof bag, to protect the items from getting wet.

After shopping for all the items, it’s time to practice on how to pack them. Remember, if you pack poorly, you risk losing things on the road. Again the bag may not have enough space to accommodate some items. You also risk having a backache. You don’t want to waste time nursing your backache instead of enjoying outdoor activities.

Many people don’t know how to pack a tent in a backpack. They end up with a heavy sagging bag that is poorly packed. On top of your backpack, you should put things like first aid kit, rain jacket and toilet supplies. Put anything that you may require before getting to the camping site. You can place water bottle, GPS, car key and maps on the side pocket.

The tent should come in the middle, to help you pull it faster in case it starts raining. At the bottom zone, put any other bulky items that you may not require until you arrive at your destination. That includes the sleeping bags, pajamas, stoves, among others.

Practicing will make packing more comfortable, mostly if you have limited time. Having known what to pack, do you know how to carry a tent on a backpack? It would be best if you fold your tent in a way that it will fit in your backpack and leave a space for other things. Check the steps below.

1. Inspect The Tent Condition 

Assuming you have been camping regularly and you have used this tent for long. When did you check its condition last? Maybe you stored it in a dump place, and it’s already producing an odor thanks to the accumulating molds. So, a few days before the trip, inspect it. Deep clean it if necessary and let it dry completely. Repair any damaged parts.

2. Lay & Roll It

Spread it flat on a floor together with its poles on the bag. Avoid the common mistake of aligning the bars in the center. Instead, let them stay along with the tent, to provide enough support.

3. Roll Your Tent in a Straight Line

Could you put it in a tent bag? Before putting the tent in the backpack, first, stuff it in the tent bag. It will become smaller, thus occupy a smaller space. Put it in the backpack either vertically or horizontally in the middle.

After arranging all the items you require, carrying a hiking backpack with tent should be easy.

What if you have a bag with an interior frame and is not big enough to carry the tent. Should you abort the mission? You still have the option of carrying the tent on the outside. It’s good to know how to attach tent to backpack since you can’t risk losing it.

Unfortunately, this method comes with three main risks. As you go through the bush, thorns and hanging branches may tear your hanging tent. You can’t imagine the cost of repairing or replacing it. You also risk the tent getting wet, in case it rains. Remember storing a damp tent is not advisable since it attracts molds. The tent can again slip and fall without your knowledge.

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So, what’s the safest way of attaching the tent on the backpack? Check below.

1. Check The Tent’s Condition

Whether you are packing the tent in the interior or the exterior, the condition of the tent is vital. You don’t want to reach the camping site, only to find that your tent has holes. It may also have mold and a bad smell. Your hike comfort would disappear to the foul odor.

2. Put The Tent In A Waterproof Bag

If your backpack is not waterproof, add the tent in a waterproof bag to shield it. Get a bag with an external frame or one with an internal structure but with supporting straps. Test the compression straps if they can hold the tent. It can be annoying and discouraging going back your trail looking for your lost tent.

3. Attach It On The Bottom

Use the closed loops to secure your tend and attach it at the bottom. You don’t want to drag the team behind as you walk without balance. Again if you attach it at the top, you are likely to strain your back. Back strain harms your general health condition during and after the hike. You dare not strain your back.

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It is critical to understand how to take your tent in a backpack before going for a camping hike. You should put items such as water bottles and car keys on the side pockets of your bag. Ignore not, tent cleanliness and overall condition before packing it either vertically or horizontally in the middle of the backpack. Items required at the camping site such as pajamas, stoves need be at the bottom of the pack. The packing requires extra care and practice so as not to strain the back while walking. In case your backpack is not big enough, remember you can also attach the tent to your bag. Always ensure that the total load does not exceed 30 per cent of your weight.

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