How to Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor?

How to Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor

The campers, who wanted to feel comfortable in their outdoor home, had no option but to carry a mattress. You can imagine how inconvenient and heavy it was to pack and carry a mattress. Thanks to technological advancement, air mattresses are available, making it easy to get the comfort similar to a mattress.’

An air mattress comes with numerous advantages when deflated; it’s portable, making it easy to take to the camping ground. It’s also durable to dust and even dirt. It gives you comfort when camping. All you need to do is to inflate it and raise it from the ground. Is raising the air mattress from the ground necessary, or are you just adding unnecessary costs?

Benefits of Raising Your Air Mattress

Raising the air mattress has numerous advantages. Once you know how to raise an air mattress off the floor, you will enjoy these benefits.

Extend Its Lifespan

An air mattress has a delicate material, and thus you should handle it with care. If the surface has some sharp objects, they can piece it and damage it. No matter how you clean the floor, there might be invisible particles that can damage it. The more you pull it on the floor and rub the dust particles, the more you mess around with its wall.

Support Your Posture

Have you ever woken up only to suffer from a backache? The chances are high that you had not slept well. When the air mattress supports your body posture, it will save you from unnecessary strains.


Do you have asthma or any other respiratory illness? Then elevate your air mattress. It’s also irritating cleaning the mattress now and then. Remember, if you place the mattress directly on the floor, you expose it to dust, dirt, and mud. You can keep the mattress clean by elevating it from the ground.


It’s annoying sleeping on a comfortable air mattress only to wake up in a deflated one. That is a common problem with air mattresses when exposed to extreme temperatures. When the cold from the floor comes into contact with its warmth, deflation occurs.

Added Comfort

After having a strenuous day, you need to sleep comfortably and have peace of mind. You can achieve that by sleeping on an air mattress. It’s elevated well, making it comfortable compared to a mattress that is not elevated. There are different ways of enhancing their comfort. The tips below will guide you on how to make an air mattress more comfortable. They include;

1. Re-Inflate Regularly

So, how many days do you intend to use it? Since it deflates each day slowly, after you sleep on it, form a habit of re-inflating it every day. That protects you from sleeping on a sagging air mattress to a firm and comfortable one.

2. Mattress Topper

Another excellent way to make your bed more comfortable is by adding an air mattress topper. After inflating your air mattress, the topper adds extra cautioning making your bed very comfortable. You will enjoy a peaceful sleep without straining.

3. Create Headboard

Do you get irritated, searching the pillow in the middle of the night only to realize it has fallen from your bed? That’s a common scenario with the air mattress. You can avoid that by leaning your air mattress against the sofa set. You can sit and lean on your sofa, and even after sleeping, the pillow won’t fall over.

4. Mattress Stand

As indicated above, extreme temperatures interfere with your air mattress. You can’t be comfortable when the cold weather originating from the ground starts deflating your air mattress. You have to find a convenient way to raise your air mattress. Below are some ways that you can adopt and raise them.

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a. Frame

You can comfortably elevate your air mattress using a frame. You can make or buy one. If buying is more convenient for you, consider a few factors. You wouldn’t like to incur the cost of buying a frame only for the air mattress to refuse to fit in its dimensions. Again the dimensions may have a rough surface with some sharp edges that may damage the air mattress. Make sure that the mattress can fit well on the dimensions, and the surface should be smooth.

The frames are available in any local hardware store that you visit. If you decide to make one, ensure that you can easily fold it and not give you a headache when transporting to your camping ground.

b. Plywood

You can use the plywood with the frame to get more comfort and protection to your air mattress. Place the flame on the ground, and then put the plywood on top before putting your air mattress. But if you only have plywood, you can still use it without a flame. Place the air mattress on top of your plywood and enjoy your sleep. How will you deal with the problem of the timber rot? Use a tarp to wrap the plywood.

c. Box Spring

If the only available option is the box spring, then worry less. Since the air mattress is delicate, you have to find a way to protect it from the sharp objects that can ruin your air mattress. The best option would be to put a protective barrier under the air mattress.

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Caution: Never leave your infant unattended on the air mattress. The baby can easily suffocate courtesy of its air-tight material.


You can enjoy sleeping in a comfortable place, even when camping. With an air mattress, you only require to inflate it and elevate it. When you elevate it, you protect it from sharp objects since they can easily deflate and damage it. You also get a good posture and enjoy comfort. It’s hygienic since it minimizes your exposure to dust particles making it more convenient for people with respiratory illnesses. To enhance its comfort, re-inflate every time you sleep on it and add a mattress topper. Don’t forget to put it next to your seat.

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