How to Stay Cool While Camping?

How to Stay Cool While Camping

You can’t wait for summer to go camping. You have already packed your items and are ready to leave. But have you figured out how you will deal with the heat? You will not enjoy camping if the heat makes you uncomfortable during the day and at night. Before starting the journey, first, know how to keep a tent cool. That will help you look forward to the next summer holiday. You don’t want to risk getting heat strokes. Here is the secret.

Keeping the Tent Cool

These tips will make the tent cool, helping you enjoy the camping adventure. They include;

Set Tent in Shade

Once you arrive at the camping site, you have to set the tent in the shade. Trees will absorb the excess heat making your tent cool. Maybe you can use the spot other campers have been using to pitch their tents. Consider where the sun rays ‘passes’ throughout the day. If there is no place with a shade, the next option is to disassemble the tent during the day.

Dissembling The Tent In Daytime

The tent absorbs the heat and retains it. Once you enter the tent to rest after your daytime activities, you will feel like you are in an oven. When you remove the tent from the sun, you will extend its life since the sun damages its soft fabric. If you have a challenge setting and dissembling the tent, practice long before going camping.

Use Tent With Mesh

You require a tent that will allow the free circulation of air. The best tent should have lots of mesh. Are you afraid that it will allow bugs and other creepy insects in? Relax. It’s a comfortable tent, and no insect will access you. Again, the wind will flow and keep you cool through the night.

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Open The Vents

You don’t want the tent to trap and retain any heat or moisture. The best option is to open the door, windows, vents, and rainfly that hug your tent. What if there is a sudden storm, and you have removed the rainfly? You should return your rainfly faster. You don’t have to worry about the annoying mosquitos since the mesh will lock them out.

Tent Fan

Another secret on how to keep tent cool in summer is by using a tent fan. You have to attach it to your tent ceiling or even place it on the table or the tent floor. When choosing a tent fan, ensure it’s portable, has a light-weight, and is quiet.

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Using a mummy sleeping bag during summer is a bad idea. The heat you produce when sleeping can melt you down. So the next best alternative is to use a sleeping bag liner made of silk. If you sweat, it will dry faster. If you don’t have a sleeping bag liner, then you can consider a cotton sheet. It will keep you cool throughout the night.

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How to Stay Cools

Besides keeping your tent cool, you can also apply these camping hacks to stay cool and enjoy. They include

Remaining Hydrated

When the weather is hot, you need to take more than two litter of water per day. Water not only acts as a body coolant but also helps you to remain hydrated throughout the day. Since you don’t want the sun rays to warm the water, keep it in an insulated water bottle.

Take A Cold Shower

Maybe your camping ground provides a cold shower. Since your internal temperature is high, cool it using a cold shower. You can also go to the nearest water body and take a swim. By the time you are through, you will feel cool and relaxed for some hours. You can enjoy sound sleep. You can also come with you’re an inflammable pool. Use it to cool your boy when it’s hot.

Wear light-weight Clothes

Remember, dark and heavy clothes absorb heat. During the day, you need clothes that will not retain much heat in your body. The best choice would be light clothes that are loosely fitting. When it’s time to get to bed, change into some cotton pajamas. The cotton clothes will provide enough warmth comfortable to send you to dreamland.

Sleep In Dark

Since the heat in the tent is uncomfortable during the day, sleep when darkness sets in. In the morning, you don’t want the sun rays to find you still sleeping. The heat from the sun rays will make you very uncomfortable. That means you have to sleep late and rise early.

Use A Hammock

What if the warmth in the tent is uncomfortable to sleep in the night? If you can’t get the best way to cool a tent, then the hammock would be the best option. It keeps you elevated and allows cold air to blow over you as you sleep. Your hammock should be light-weight, durable, and should have enough fabric to stretch comfortably.

You can’t risk giving the mosquitos a room to feast on you. So get a bug net to keep them away. What if it rains during the night? You can take a precaution by putting a tarp over it. That will protect you from getting rained on.

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Heat should not hinder you from enjoying the summer adventure. You can adopt smart ways and keep yourself and the tent cool. Other than setting your tent under the shade, you need to disassemble it during the day. You can use a tent that contains a lot of mesh to provide free circulation of cold air during the night. If the tent fails to cool even after adopting all the mechanisms, sleep on a hammock. To keep you cool, remain hydrated, and wear light and lose clothes. Only sleep when it’s dark, and rise early before the sun rays hit the tent. Take a cold shower before sleeping, and, if possible, dip wash in a large water body.

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