[Must Know] How to Use a Tactical Flashlight?

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight

It’s the end month and you have just received your first salary. Your friends invite you for a drink, and you can’t afford to resist. After a few drinks, you realize that it’s already late and you have to go home. You get out of the restaurant and notice that it’s already dark. Your house is a few blocks away, so there is no need for a taxi. After a few steps, you hear some footsteps behind you, and a burred image appears in front of you. A heavy blow lands on your checks, and in a flash of a second, the entire salary is gone. Where do you start?

You don’t have to arm yourself with a machine gun or a grenade when walking in the darkness. After all, many countries have severe weapon restrictions. A tactical flashlight is all you require. Apart from helping you avoid hitting obstacles, you can use it for security reasons. If someone stands on your way at night, turn it on and shine the light on his eyes. Once he gets disoriented, punch him with all the might. The attacker will not get an opportunity to steal your salary or even harm you in any way.

So, what’s a tactical flashlight? It’s a small handheld flashlight that’s brighter than the old flashlight. The police and military mount it on weapons and use it for low-light shooting. There is no harm to owning one as a civilian. Don’t take the tactical flashlight for granted. Before underestimating it, check some of its uses below.

Avoid Obstacles

If you love camping, you already know this significant benefit of the flashlight. Have you ever gone out to pee in the middle of the night, hit a rock, and fell with a thud? The chances are high that you emptied the bladder on yourself. You may not be comfortable narrating to your friends the whole ordeal. If only you used a flashlight, you could have avoided the rock and the embarrassment as well.

Identify A Threat

Attackers love a low-light environment since they can stalk their targets easily. Do you suspect that there is a stalker in the dark? Flash the light at him. The chances are high that he will flee. Here are the tactical flashlight techniques that you require to master. If you suspect that there is a threat, stop then turn on the light. Scan your surroundings, then switch off the light and move quickly. In case someone is aiming a rifle at you, he will shot the space that you had occupied when you turned on the light. You can repeat the steps until you get to a safer place.

Disorient Your Attacker

If someone steps right before you and you get a chill, you need to act quickly. Flash the light in the attacker’s eyes. He will experience semi blindness for a few seconds before the eyes adapt. If you are not trained in martial arts, run at a breakneck speed. You can’t afford to engage someone who has a crude weapon, is highly trained or energetic than you. If you trust your karate, kick the person below the belt and punch his face.

Improvised Weapon

You can use a tactical flashlight for self-defense. Your tactical flashlight has a bezel that is either serrated or toothed. After blinding your attacker with the light, stamp his face with the toothed bezel and take off.

In Emergencies

After a power blackout, you may bang your head on the furniture while looking for a candle. To avoid that, always have the flashlight in the pocket or on the table. Once the power goes off, use it to move around.

Utility Tool

Imagine getting into an accident, and the car overturns. Luckily, you are not hurt or have few injuries. You need to get out but can’t open the door. The only option is to get out through the window. You can use the tactical flashlight to break the window and get out.

Signal For Help

What if you go for adventure and get lost in the woods or the wildness? Screaming will only alert the predators of your location. Wait until its dark and turn on the light. Cover it using your palm several times, to send a signal that you require help. You can signal in the direction that you expect the rescue.

Mount-It To A Weapon

If you have a short gun, pistol, or a riffle, you can mount it to help you see the target well. If you are in a dangerous environment, use the flashlight only when you are ready to shot. You might notify the attackers where you are.

Qualities of a Good Tactical Flashlight

Don’t mistake a tactical flashlight with any other type of flashlight. One way to identify it in the market is to check the following qualities.

Small and Simple

It should be small enough to fit in your pocket without making you uncomfortable. It should be simple to allow you to switch on and off whenever you need to. A complicated one can mess you up in the hour of need.


You require a reliable device that will function properly regardless of the weather. You don’t want a flashlight that will get damaged after coming into contact with the water.


You don’t want to punch someone with it then buy another one the following day. It should be strong enough to withstand its use. Look for the one that is made of hard-anodized aluminum that is light to carry. You should be able to grip it to avoid dropping it when scanning the threat.


A LED bulb is energy efficient and can withstand a beating.

Light Output Should Be 120 Lumen or More

Don’t buy a flashlight that has less than a 120-lumen output of light. The light will not be strong enough to disorient your attacker.


A tactical flashlight can save you in many ways. Other than illuminating and protecting you from hitting obstacles, you can use it in self-defense. Be careful of how you use it since you can easily put yourself in the danger of attackers. After scanning the environment, never remain in the same spot. When buying a flashlight, ensure that it has all the vital qualities.

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