[Secret] Hunting Coyotes at Night Tips

Hunting Coyotes at Night Tips

With the increasing population of coyotes, they have become a threat to livestock continuously. That has resulted in a few coyote hunting restrictions. Some people hunt coyotes to get its fur while others hunt for fun. Whatever the reason for your hunting, you require to prepare adequately.

Preparations for Hunting Coyotes

Know the Hunting Regulations 

You need to know the hunting regulations and restrictions of your state. Breaking them may land you into trouble. Thought coyote hunting regulations are minimal; some states have specified the type of weapon you require to use. Some restrict night hunting while others specify areas where you can hunt.

Know Where To Hunt

To avoid the frustrations, do a survey first. Take time to know the location of coyotes. You will find them where there is small wildlife such as small games, birds, and mice. So, check the river bed, bushy creeks, or even in the field. You can also ask the farmers around where to find some coyotes. The farmers wouldn’t mind getting your assistance to get rid of these pests. If you tend to hunt at night, visit the area during the day first.

Get The Right gears.

Coyotes being nocturnal creatures are easily hunted at night. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hunt them during the day. Below are some of the items you require when going to hunt.

The Right Gears

1. A Weapon

The type of weapon will depend on state regulations. Some states can only allow you to use .22 caliber ammunition or even smaller. Even with the rules, different hunters will have a diverse choice of a weapon—there those who prefer AR-15. A semi-automatic rifle is also good since it increases your chances of getting your coyotes. When hunting at night, the coyotes may come near. The best weapon would be a short gun. If possible, carry a rifle and a short gun to increase the chances of killing coyotes.

2. Coyote Callings

Coyotes are intelligent animals. If they were dumb, all would already have been killed by hunters before you. You require excellent skills to call them. Thanks to advancements in coyote hunting technology, you can buy calls to help you in your hunting. You can use either mouth or electronic call. Since they focus on where the sound is coming from, you can go for an electronic call. It will take the sound away for you, thus allowing you to take a position and take a perfect shot.

As an armature, how do you choose the right call? You can consider a howl distress call, a young coyote yipping call, or even a rabbit distress call. You intend to get coyotes’ attention and entice them to come nearer. You can have both calls.

3. Coyote Hunting Lights

You only require seeing the eyes of a coyote to get a clear shot. A scanning light is an excellent option. It can be white, green, or even red, depending on the hunter’s preference. You can mount it on your weapon or your head or hold it with your hands. Many hunters prefer a handheld light to enable them to scan the area quickly.

4. Shooting Chair/Seating Cushion

Coyote hunting calls for patience. Imagine waiting for coyotes when kneeling on the snow for a long time. The discomfort may discourage you from ever going to hunt again. To avoid such discomfort, have either a shooting chair or even a seating cushion.

5. Decoy

Did the coyotes take long to come the last time you used a call? Why not adds a decoy. Being smart creatures, they can easily associate the call with that decoy making it easy to come quickly.

6. Night Vision Scope

You need to see your surroundings to avoid becoming prey to other predators. The night vision scope will also help you to see your location quickly.

When Is The Right Time To Hunt?

Coyote being nocturnal means that it’s most active during the night. That doesn’t mean that they hibernate during the day; they remain active. You can compare a Daytime vs. Nighttime Coyote Hunting to help you decide. There are hunters who enjoy hunting the coyotes during the day while others are comfortable with night hunting. Here’s the comparison.

Day Hunting

Hunting coyotes during the day can be tricky since they can see you approaching from a distance. You may also have a challenge camouflaging, unlike when hunting during the night. Luckily, the visibility is better, helping you to see coyotes that are far. You are also safe since you can see the surrounding. Day hunters have to deal with the sun rays depending on your position. You also have to factor in the wind and even the approach direction.

Night Hunting

One of the main challenges of night hunting is visibility. You also require preparing more as compared to day hunting. You may not spot the coyotes easily, and even after using calls, they may not respond quickly. There are even places where night hunting is illegal.

You can overcome the challenge by getting the right night vision scope. Don’t let the darkness limit you; use it to your advantage. At night you can camouflage easily, making it hard for the coyotes to see you. If possible, visit the area first during the day and take note of the place. At night, you will not struggle to look for the right spot.

Mostly, there is less wind and noise at night, making it easier for the sound to travel further. That makes it easier for coyotes to hear the call. It’s essential to know the trick of calling the coyotes at night. Check the tricks below.

Calling Coyotes at Night

Knowing how to call coyotes at night will save you time. Some hunters prefer making the distress calls on their own. Unfortunately, you might lose focus on your surroundings. Again it’s much safer to use an electronic distress call that will not reveal your location. That allows you to take a shot easily.

Be careful how you use the call. Since sound travels much further at night, don’t misuse the call. A frequent call may scare the coyotes. That’s why you require calling once and waiting for 15-20 minutes. That means patience is key. After waiting for coyotes for 20 minutes, don’t think of changing the position. Give them more time. Note that some coyotes will respond immediately. Some will take longer to respond.

Your call should not have a loud volume since it may also scare the coyotes. Since coyotes are protective, use the distress call of their young ones. Use volume that they can hear but should not be too loud. A loud volume may also put you in danger of other predators present.

Hunting Coyotes at Night

Knowing how to hunt coyotes at night is vital. Start with the basics. Are there night-hunting restriction laws in your state? If there are none, then consider if it’s the right season. Luckily, the season should not limit you since the coyotes are always available. Experienced hunters will tell you that winter and late falls are the best time to hunt at night. You can easily see the coyote’s paw print on the snow. Tracing them becomes easy. You can also see them moving, especially during the full moon, making it easier to shot them.

Before going to hunt, scout the area first. You can visit the area a few days in advance to familiarize yourself with it. You will get an idea of where they sleep, feed, take water, and even relax. You can come during the day and take photos of the area. Take note of the spot where you will position your weapons and mark it. You will have easy to at night.

An area with many coyotes is better. Unfortunately, it may have many hunters, and that can be risky. Some sites may have few coyotes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a kill. Regardless of the number of coyotes, adequate preparations are vital.

In the evening, take the right gear. Consider wearing a suit that camouflages well with the environment. Darkness doesn’t affect coyote’s visibility at night. If you wear bright clothes, the coyotes will spot you and take off. Ensure the suit is not producing sound as you walk. Wear comfortable shoes that are lightweight and should not make noise too as you walk. The chances of your hands freezing are high, so wear some gloves.

When you arrive at the hunting site, avoid slamming the door of your car. Pick your equipment and walk to the area quietly. Any slight noise may notify the coyotes of your presence. Avoid unnecessary movements. Do you have a hunting partner? Avoid stories and focus. If you must speak, stay close to each other and whisper.

Standing or sitting during a coyote hunt depends on the hunter. Standing is better since you can see the coyote approaching from a distance. To distract the coyote, put your electronic distress caller on the ground. As the coyote head to the call, you can take a shot. Again, if you wait for long when sitting, you might even sleep or lose focus. If you are standing, you will remain alert to your surroundings.

Is it possible to hunt without light and call? It’s possible, though, it can be tricky. Unless its full moon, you can’t hunt coyotes when it’s dark. You need to do adequate preparation in advance. Check the area during the day and know where they relax. Check the presence of a bush or a rock near the area. If it’s an open field, note the right spot. At night, wear the right clothes to help you take cover. Luckily with the full moon, you can see far and shoot a coyote with a rifle.

Shooting At Night

Shooting coyotes at night should not be a challenge. But ensure that you use a humane way. Aim at its heart or lungs and take a clean shot. That will ensure that the coyote dies without suffering and doesn’t escape with a wound. Again for fur loves, you will not mess up the far.

After shooting the animal, don’t run towards it. First, verify if it’s dead by checking its breathing or any movement. A wounded animal is dangerous and can bite you. In case it bites you, get to the hospital immediately to avoid rabies. If the animal is not dead, shot its head. You should never wound the animal and leave it in pain. That would be cruel to you. Be careful when using the gun. You may injure yourself or even hurt others.

If you are interested in its fur, skin it immediately before bacteria accumulate. You also have the option of carrying it home, depending on the purpose of killing it. You can skin the coyote and take the vital organs. Ensure that the remains you leave behind can quickly decay, or other animals can eat them. After touching a dead coyote, you should use disinfectants to wash your hands.


Your coyote hunting mission will succeed depending on your preparations. Start by knowing all the set hunting rules and regulations in that area. Scout the area first and mark important points. Don’t make a mistake of going to hunt at night without the right gear. Avoid making noise when you get in the hunting zone. Use the right distress calls to speed up the process. If they delay to come, be patient and don’t change your position. Don’t call frequently and even loudly. That may scare the coyotes and attract other predators towards you. Place the call on the ground away from you. When killing the coyotes, be humane. Don’t wound the animal and leave it in pain. Aim the heart and take a clean shot. If it’s not dead, shot the head. You can skin the animal immediately to avoid bacteria. After skinning the animal, use a disinfectant to wash your hands.

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