Hunting Trip Checklist Get Ready for Your Hunt

Hunting Trip Checklist

Have you ever hunted before? You must be excited if this is your first time. Other than aiming and shooting, you need to prepare and plan properly before heading to the forest. Do you have a deer hunting starter kit? Maybe you’re wondering about the preparation you require. Read more to understand.

You might have to travel for long on uneven terrain. Are you physically fit? You may require to do exercise. You also need to get the map and visiting the area to know it better. You will know where you can find animals and where they take water. What’s the weapon of your choice? You need to practice shooting. If you don’t have hunting ammunition, you may require looking for one.

Do you intend to hunt in a private land? It’s a great option if you want to escape the crowd. Unfortunately, you can’t just invade private land and start hunting. You require the owner’s permission. You need to check the weather forecast. Are you ready to handle rainfall, snow or any other unexpected changes?

During nightfall, how will you survive in darkness? Do you have a GPS and a flashlight? If you succeed to have a kill, do you have a sharp knife to skin your animal? You need to alert people close to you where you are going and how soon you intend to return. Are you physiologically prepared in case you get lost? You need to have items that you can use to ask for help or send a signal.

You need to have a license since you can’t afford to be mistaken for a poacher. If you are hunting far away from home, you must know the rules and the regulations of hunting. If you are below 18 years old, you should wear blaze orange clothing. Thou even those above 18 are encouraged to have them.

In case of an injury, you require emergency kits. You need water and food to sustain you for a day in case you don’t make a kill. Preparing all these things can be tricky is you don’t have a list to counter-check. You don’t want to pack a load you can’t manage to carry either. So here is the elk hunting checklist you require, to help you survive in the bush. Ignoring one item regardless of how insignificant you think of it, might cost you.

Top 30 Hunting Trip Checklist – Must Have Gear for Hunters


The boots should never miss in your hunting pack list. They should be lightweight, flexible and comfortable. They should be warm enough and must provide support when hunting. You can’t afford to wear slippery boots that will make you fall when walking on uneven terrain. If the boots are new, you can wear them at home in advance to ensure that they will not hurt your feet. Wearing the wrong shoe can ruin your day in the field. Your boots should either be Pac, rubber, leather or nylon.


Imagine filling your backpack with all your items only for the straps to break halfway the journey. It can confuse you. Buy a backpack that is light to carry. It should have proper padding to make it comfortable to carry. It should also have waist straps.


In your hunting checklist, water should not miss. In your backpack, you must have enough space to carry water. You should stay hydrated while waiting for the prey. Since you need to maximize the space in the backpack, fill water in a good bladder. You can also carry it in a stainless steel bottle.


In your hunting checklist for deer, decoys top the list. It can be a big mistake if you fail to carry them. You may not achieve your hunting potential if you don’t use them.

Bird Calls

Are you a beginner in hunting? If you don’t want to go home empty-handed and frustrated, you need to be able to call the game that you are hunting. Before setting for your journey, practice it until you are perfect.

Deer & Elk Calls

Have you been dreaming of coming home with a big buck? You require a Da bonehead to achieve your dreams. It simulates the sound of the territorial bucks which are fighting over a doe. It can help you catch mules, deer, and elk. You can also use Primos the great can. Its sound makes the bulks in that area know that there is a doe. Both are easy to pack and carry.

Scent Killer

Everyone desires to stay around people with fresh smelling clothes. But if you are a beginner in the hunting field, your scent can chase your potential prey and attract predators. You need to wash your clothes with scent killer. Even when the clothes dry, the scent killer will leave your clothes odorless. You should also use it on your boots and all the hunting equipment. It’s affordable and will ensure no odour forms again.

Trail Camera

If you don’t want to disturb the preys near you, you can use a trail camera. It’s a remote camera that will help you to detect the prey and organize your hunting patterns. Since you can’t track the animals always, this remote camera generates an image when a large animal passes. The image contains date and time.


If you have never hunted before, you might assume that only explorers require binoculars. You are wrong. If the prey is far from you, you need a binocular to see it well. If you are on a high height and want to survey the area, you require a binocular. You can consider buying vortex since it’s a trusted brand.


Why would you require a headlamp? It is vital, especially at night. Since it is on your head, your hands are free to carry the rifle or the bow. Ensure that your headlamp has green or red light not to scare the animals. If it rains, worry less since the headlamp is waterproof.


If you are using a rifle when hunting, you require using a rangefinder. It will help you know how far the prey is from where you are. Unfortunately, their light can alert the prey of your position.

Rifle Scopes

If you need an accurate shooting, use a rifle scope. You will strike the target using a few shots even if the target is at a longer distance. Beginner hunters can consider a digital night vision rifle to help them hunt during the night. You can use it shot your target at dusk as well as during the day.

Night Vision Scope

So what’s the best scope when hunting to help you in the wee hours or during dusk? You need a night vision that is clear and has a concise vision. You can buy a good night visions scope in a trusted retailer shop.


A pocket knife is small enough and is supposed to fit in the pocket. It has a lightweight and comfortable to carry. You need it to tear flesh and skin your animal. You can also use it to slice your food as well as cut the rope. If you get injured, you can use it to open first aid kits. In case of an attack, you can use it in defence.

Skinning / Gutting knives

There are different types of hunter knifes that you can buy. The knife is for gutting your kill. Ensure it is sharp enough when heading to the woods. If you are a beginner, you can consider buying an Elk ridge knife.

Bone Saw

Don’t forget to pack a bone saw. It’s useful when cutting the lip cage of your prey and even cutting the prey’s thick joints. If it rains or you spend the night in the woods, you can use it to cut firewood to help you stay warm.


You require a weapon(s) when going to hunt. It will help you when hunting as well as protect you from predators. You can either carry a gun, compound bow or even a recurve bows. You don’t have to take one weapon. You can have a gun and a bow.


The animals are very keen. They might easily see you when you are hiding. That’s why you need something that will help you, camouflage. For instance, you need a camouflage head net. If the prey is so near, it will help you. Camouflage gloves are vital. You need to practice shooting with them before going to hunt. You also require extra socks. You need to be comfortable when hunting. If the feet get wet, you need to put on some dry socks.

Ladder Stand Tools

Hunters will admit putting ladder stands isn’t interesting. That’s why you require ladder stands tools to make it easy and quick.

Sharpening Stone

Maybe you have carried a few knives to help you. When skinning a dear, you may realize that they have become dull. What should you do? That’s where a sharpening stone comes in. You will need it to sharpen your knives.

Survival Kit

What would happen if you got lost, or you get injured? You need survival kits. They include matches, compass, and first aid kits. You also need a blister kit, a disinfectant, and ibuprofen.

License and Regulatory Documents

You don’t want anyone mistaking you for a poacher. Get the license before you go hunting.


You require a physical map covering the entire area you are going to hunt. You should not substitute it with a GPS. You need to have both. You can buy excellent GPS at a reasonable price. In case you lose your way, you can use them to help you find it easily.


You should carry food that will sustain you at least for a day. Snacks could also be a better option. The food should not have meat scent. Meat can attract predators and scare preys. Some wrappers produce a loud noise when taking your food. The best option would be to put the food in a zip-lock bag where you can easily remove.

Wirecutter & Pruner

If you come across an abandoned wire, that is becoming an obstacle; you might consider cutting it using a wire cutter. Once you see a bush that is preventing you from having a clear view, you can prune it. Never try to cut a fence in a private property or even electric wire.

Keeping Warm

You need to wear warm clothes when you go hunting. If possible, ensure you wear wool or synthetic material. You should also carry waterproof and windproof materials. You need to be able to start a fire in the camp. You will require matches, a zippo lighter and a magnesium starter, among other things that can help you.

Rain Gear

The best coyote hunting gear is rain gear. You should not forget to pack rain gear even if the weather looks fine at the moment. The weather changes, and it rains, it may spoil your day as well as your catch. You can also check the weather forecast to help you prepare physiologically.

Toilet Paper

Apart from the obvious use of tissue paper, it can also help you when hunting. If your prey gets injured, you can place pieces of tissue wherever the blood spots are heading. It will also be easy to follow them on your way back to avoid getting lost. It is environmentally friendly since rain soaks them up.


What if you get lost in the woods, what should you do? You can’t walk the whole day and night tracing your way back. You need a survival shelter to rest at night. If you had carried a bivy sack, you are lucky. If not, ensure your backpack has an emergency space blanket. Build a small shelter using the bushes and the woods around. Ensure that the place is open and at a higher ground. Avoid building it in a valley since at night the place is so cold. The house can help you until the search part or even other hunters help.

Shooting Sticks

Your shooting stick should give you a solid rest when you are shooting in the right position.


Hunting is exciting if you plan and prepare well. You need to have a checklist of all the things you require when going to hunt. No matter how insignificant something in the list above may appear, you will know its value when you get to the woods. Imagine catching your prey only to realize that the knife is blunt? Or maybe getting lost and you don’t have a matchbox to light fire at night, it can be tough. So take time if possible a whole week to prepare well.

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