[20°/30°/40°] Tent Camping In 40 Degree Weather

Tent Camping In 40 Degree Weather

Camping is a great adventure where you get to interact with nature. When camping with friends, you get an opportunity to mingle and enjoy fun activities. Before going camping, there are different factors to consider. Among them includes the camping destination and the weather forecast.

Most people enjoy camping in the summer while some enjoy camping when the weather is extreme. Weather forecast researchers have no problem with extreme weather since they have enough experience. Camping in 40° weather can be tricky for you if you are a newbie. Sleeping in such low temperatures can turn to be so uncomfortable.

The most comfortable camping weather for beginners is between 50-70 degrees. The best option would be to become a pro at a favorable temperature before adventuring to the cold one. But if you are determined, here comes the good news. With the right preparations, you can camp and enjoy the adventure in extreme weather. Here are the preparations.

Tent Camping in 40 Degree Weather

Consider The Weather

Maybe you had already heard the weather forecast predictions. But do you know that they can be inaccurate at times? If they predict the weather to be 40°, but in a real sense, it’s at 30 or 20, a rude shock awaits you. So before setting out for the park’s camping trip, park rangers can tell you about the park’s weather condition.

The Location

What’s your camping destination? Note that the weather of different camping sites changes depending on the season and time. If you want to camp on the mountain, note that the weather may be hot during the day. At night, it’s freezing. The temperature of the areas on the sea level doesn’t change much between the day and night.


Carrying the right clothes will protect you from freezing at night. Remember, you will not be active; thus, it requires something to keep you warm. You require long pants, a cotton shirt, and a winter jacket during the day. Since it may be raining, a sturdy, waterproof boot and some extra dry socks will help. Winter cap and gloves will help you during the day and at night. At night, the underwear, socks, and gloves should not be very tight. They may interfere with your blood flow. Your night outfit should be breathable since if you become too warm, you will sweat. Once the sweat cools, you will feel cold.

The Tent

Mostly, the temperature drops in winter or fall. So, the chances are high that it’s windy and raining. The tent is water and windproof buts not cold-proof. If you use the right tent, it will reserve warm air for you. Note that large tents are perfect for summer. During winter, carry a small tent. Warming will be faster; thus, you will sleep in a warm environment. At night, condensation occurs in your tent, and the water finds its way into the tent. That makes you freeze. To avoid that, ensure that your tent is a two-layer tent.

When setting a tent, consider the sun. During winter or fall, the sun may not be available the entire day. So, set the tent in an area where the rays will reach the tent and warm it once the sunrises.

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Consider The Rain

Imagine getting to the camping site when it’s raining and getting dark. If you don’t have experience setting a tent, you may end up crying. Note that apart from soaking in the rain, the temperature is low. You can avoid that by preparing in advance. You need a raincoat and clothes good for rain. Prepare to set tenting camp faster. If you have no experience, avoid camping during winter.

Hot Water Bottle

You can invent a heater by filling hot water in a stainless steel water bottle. Place it in your sleeping tent to radiate some heat. Take extra caution to ensure that it doesn’t leak by tying it with a towel. If it leaks, it burns or wet the sleeping bag, making it cold.

High Calories Snack

Another way to keep your body warm is by eating a snack rich in calories right before bed. It will fuel the body, helping it to generate heat.


Not all camping sites allow people to light fire. Find a tent that allows people to light a bonfire. Remember, during the day, the weather may be bearable. Once the sun sets, a cold will set in, causing a chill. So, prepare in advance and get enough firewood dry enough to light well.

Visit The Bathroom

Nothing irritates than getting the urge to pee when sleeping in a warm bed. Imagine you had finally managed to warm your sleeping bag, and you have to empty your bladder. To avoid such inconveniences, visit the bathroom first before sleeping.

Maybe you had taken a lot of water during the day. If you feel like you want to pee at night, don’t hold it. The body uses much energy to hold it, making you feel cold.

Tent Camping in 30 Degree Weather

If you thought tent camping in a weather of 40 degrees is cold, try camping when the temperature is at 30°. For a newbie, camping in 30° weather can become a nightmare. Luckily, with the right preparations, you can enjoy your adventure.

Just as indicated above, choose the right tent. It should be small to help you warm it faster. It should also have proper ventilation. Have a hot water bottle to help you remain warm at night.

Choose some warm clothes. You can consider checking their rating. Get loosely fitting nightwear. Don’t forget to wear gloves and socks. Avoid extremely warm clothes since they will make you sweat, resulting in the cold. Don’t make the mistake of sleeping in the same clothes you had the entire day. Don’t forget to wear a hat.

You need at least two sleeping bags if you want to survive. When choosing a sleeping bag, don’t rely on the rating alone. Note that the rating can be wrong and can make you freeze. So, you can consider a sleeping bag with a lower rating and one with a higher rating. Check if the two sleeping bags fit into each other long before setting for your camping trip. Consider their level of compression when you fit them into each other. If they compress more, add a thinner-profile bag. The best sleeping bag would be the mummy. Ensure that it has the right ratings.

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Tent Camping in 20 Degree Weather

If you have never gone camping when the temperature is at 40 degrees, don’t dare camp when it’s at 20°. The experience may make you hate camping forever. But for experienced campers, you can adopt the right strategy and get a breathtaking experience.


As indicated above, you need some warm clothes. Factor in the rain since chances are high it could be raining. Don’t go with a fixed mind of how many days you intend to camp. If the weather gets to an extreme level, you can go home and camp later. You don’t have to get sick in the name of adventuring. Again the weather may be unfit to travel, forcing you to take a few more days. That means you must come with extra food to cater for the extra days.

Carry some warm waterproof pants and some wool socks. A light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, and a puffy coat, are perfect to handle the cold. Ensure that your long pants are made from wool or even fleece. Night pajamas should be warm but loosely fitting. Remember, excess warmth can cause you to sweat, resulting in the cold.


Camping in 20° weather requires you to have a well-ventilated tent. So, a two-wall layered tent would do. You can’t risk the condensing water dripping on you. It should be small in size to warm faster. 

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Sleeping Bag

Camping in cold weather requires you to have at least two mummy sleeping bags. Take one with a lower rating and one with a bigger one and ensure that they fit in together.

Take Care Of Electronics

Thanks to technology, people will hardly go anywhere without their electronic devices. With the cold and wet climate, the chances of the devices getting wet are high. Since most are not waterproof, they may end up getting irreparable damage. Again some change at a specific temperature. The extreme temperature of 20 degrees may not be right for them. So, once you put that into consideration, you can opt to leave them behind.


Though camping is fun, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fail to prepare adequately. Weather is the primary consideration. You can’t afford to move from the comfort of your house and freeze in the woods. But if you are courageous, take the right clothes, a small tent: a mummy sleeping bag and some firewood. Don’t forget a snack and a hot water bottle. Newbies may not enjoy camping at extreme temperatures. It’s recommended you get the experience first in the weather of 50-70 degrees F before daring to camp in the extreme temperatures.

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